Top 10 Honor 8X Tips to Use Like A Pro

Top 10 Honor 8X Tips to Use Like A Pro

10 Honor 8X Tips – The Huawei Honor 8X is one of the best phone in 2018. It runs both EMUI 8.2 and Android 8.0 Oreo. It also comes with a AI-powered camera and a notched display.

Below are the best Honor 8X tips and tricks for you to use to like a pro.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Enable Navigation

There is two types of navigation gestures of the Honor 8x apart from the standard three-key navigation. The exclusive one is the single-key navigation. It is inspired by Android 9.0 Pie’s navigation system and it has a single button which doubles up as the Back, Home and Recent key. You can find this under System>System Navigation.

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There, click on the second option. When you click on the button, It will jump back a page, while you long tap on it, you will be directed back to the home screen. Shifting the key right/left will open the previous apps menu.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Screen Recording

Screen recording is not easy to be done on Android devices except by the use of a third-party app. Honor 8X comes with an easy method for screen recording and this is simple.

To enable this; you will have to add if first before you can use it. Open the Quick Settings menu and click on the “Edit” icon. You can now drag the Screen Record tile to your Quick Settings.

10 Honor 8X Tips | One–Handed Mode

It is not easy to operate the Honor 8X because it is a 6.5-inch, you will not find it easy to operate it with a single hand. But it has been made easy with the use of the one-handed mode feature of the device, when this is enabled, the screen reduces to one side of the screen, which will make it easy to handle with one hand.

To activate this, swipe up diagonally from the bottom corner and the one-handed mode will be enabled instantly.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Three-Finger Screenshot

Most of Android screenshot method is by pressing the volume rockers and the power key but this feature has make that easy to do. All you have to do is to drag down on the screen with the three fingers and boom, the screenshot will be saved in your phone’s gallery.

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To enable this; navigate to Settings>Smart Assistance>Motion Control and turn on the Three-Finger mode.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Tweak Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint on Honor 8X is not for unlocking or capturing pictures alone, it is also used for answering calls and switching off alarm.

To enable this; swipe on the sensor and it will be done. The option can be found under Settings>Security settings>Fingerprint ID.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Add Notes to Photos

This amazing device also allows you add little notes to your photos that you think you can easily forget. You can also use this feature to quickly jot things down.

To enable this; open a photo in the Gallery, click on the three-dot menu, and select the Add notes option.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Tweak the App Drawer

Most Android apps do come with a Springboard-like app drawer. This is a great way to access apps and tools. Sometimes, when you want to search a specific app, it can be add to find. To overcome this issue, you can tweak the app drawer to pop-up when you click on the Drawer button. ALSO READ: iPhone Cases and Protect Your iPhone With InvisibleSHIELD

To enable this; go to Settings>Display>Home screen style. You can choose the Drawer option there.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Randomly Change Wallpaper

To change your homescreen randomly is another homescreen trick. This allows your device look more attractive.

10 Honor 8X Tips | Save Battery

There are many built-in battery saver options on the Honor 8X, which include the option to switch to Ultra Power Saving Mode when the battery is below 15% or 10%. This process lets you tweak the resolution from FHD+ to HD+ and it will save the battery juice in progress.

To enable this; go to Settings>Display>Screen resolution>Custom. If this method is too hard, you can enable it by using the Smart resolution setting.

You can also display your battery percentage through Settings>Battery>Battery percentage.

 10 Honor 8X Tips | Keep your Files safe

You can encrypt images and documents on Honor 8x. By using this method, it keeps your private documents away from prying eyes by helping you lock them up with a password or pattern and encrypting them (this can be found under the Files app).

You have to set a password you know you can remember easily. Once the setup is complete, add the files and that’s all. You can also set up ma fingerprint access through Fingerprint ID>Fingerprint management>Access Safe.

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