2019 MTN Data, The 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, Prices & Migration Codes

2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, | Best 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, Prices, and Migration Codes

2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans – This MTN Nigeria Data review will cover the best 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans and the cheapest, their Prices and their Migration Codes.

Data is life and it is extremely valuable to subscribers yet you barely locate the perfect plans. Even on the off chance that you do, there are some shortcoming in them.

It’s more like picking the lesser and cheapest hoax.

Nevertheless, on the off chance that you do locate the perfect duty plan, your money doesn’t have to fly with each call you make.

2019 MTN Data, The 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, Prices & Migration Codes

I’ve received reports from friends and family on how MTN keep bleeding up their airtime dry.

Some even feel robbed of their own money and drop MTN for another network.

In any case, it doesn’t have to be that way, or is it?

However, if you are ready for this 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, read through to the end, will you?

The thing is, there are numerous customers that didn’t have the foggiest idea about the 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, they are to buy or purchase. Also, customers might end up with the off-base tax plan that is of a higher price.

Then again, MTN has made some plans so great that you’d like to hop on it ASAP.

Be that as it may, before you go on a merry go ride, for what reason don’t take a leap to see the 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, and their migration codes. I’d likewise tell you if the data plan merits buying in to.

This is to permit you to choose the correct plans that are perfect for you.

The 2019 Best Cheapest Mtn Data Tariff Plans In Nigeria and Migration Codes 2019

The 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans, MTN Tariff Plans Migration Codes Call Rate(s)

  • MTN Beta Talk Text BT to 131 or *123*2*6# 40K/Sec
  • MTN Pulse – Editor’s Choice Text 406 to 131 or Dial *406*1#. 11K/Sec
  • MTN Trutalk+ Text TP to 131 or *123*20# 20k/Sec
  • MTN Xtra Special Dial *408# Data Bundles
  • MTN SuperSaver Plus Dial *408# or Text 408 to 131 40K/Sec

You should realize that MTN has a lot of levy designs under their belts. However, I’ll just pick the best plans you are deserving of.

I’ll caution you, the write up is somewhat long. On the off chance that you can’t follow up, I guess the table will help you take an alternate way.

Below is a table that contains the Tariff plans, Prices, and Migration codes.

MTN Beta Talk – Customer’s Choice

I think Beta talk is the most talked about Mtn duty plan on this list. I wouldn’t be surprised why it is the subscribers favorite.

Buying into Beta talk naturally qualifies you to get 250% reward on any recharge, that is above N100.

So let’s see, in the event that you recharge N100 you get slapped with 250% reward and 10 MB of Data.

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Well, on the off chance that you happen to recharge below N100 while subscribing to this plan, you’ll be credited a 150% reward.

For those of you that have a reason to call someone abroad, please don’t. This plan isn’t suitable for that. No attempt am!

Cause you’ll be charged an excess of 40K/Sec from the reward.

How To Migrate to MTN Beta talk


Text BT to 131 or 1232*6#

For more about the MTN Beta talk, I’ve written an in-depth article about the advantages and disadvantages of the plans. Use the connection to check it out!

MTN Pulse – Best For Internet Surfing For 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans

MTN Pulse is my personal favorite. I’ve been on this before I could differentiate between without holding back. That is a joke, however!

In any case, seriously, MTN pulse is for the Data Poachers.

On the off chance that you are the internet freak that enjoys surfing the internet than calling people, look no further.

Here, there’s more:

Pulse offers cheap rates on national calls. For all intents and purposes, you will be charged N6.6 for every minute.

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MTN Pulse is an exclusive levy plan. Truth be told, it’s the main plan you will get 1 GB weekly membership for just N500.

In the event that you recharge N100/N200, you get a reward of 10MB/20MB which is legitimate 24hours.

The hunters of night perusing will definitely like this:

MTN pulse subscribers are the main ones qualified to browse during the evening at cheap prices of N500 MB for just N25.

At last, the MTN pulse seems to be the most balanced plan you can subscribe. First, you enjoy perusing at a cheap rate and call at an average price. To me, this is the best plan ever on MTN.

How To Migrate To MTN Trutalk+| 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans

Trutalk is another well known MTN Tariff Plans choice among MTN subscribers. This plan is perfect for subscribers that would need to make cheap calls to any network at 11k/second.

However, the international call rate is about 20k/sec.

To subscribe to the plan, you’ll be charged an everyday access fee of N5. This everyday fee just applies to the primary call you make for the afternoon.

Migrate to MTN Trutalk+ you should simply text TP to 131 or 12320#

How To Migrate To MTN Xtra Special | 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans

There’s nothing that would suck up your airtime like international calls. Is it safe to say that it isn’t?

Try not to hurry to call outside Nigeria without buying into a plan that will help minimize the charges.

In the event that you are searching for a super saver MTN duty for international calls, the Xtra special is yours to the taking.

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Unlike the pulse, the Xtra special doesn’t charge an extra fee for first call charges.

To subscribe to the 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans:

Just Dial *408#

How to Migrate To MTN SuperSaver Plus | 2019 MTN Data Tariff Plans

Nobody will tell you that the supersaver in addition to enables you to enjoy a level rate of 15 kobo per sec from MTN to MTN.

While calls to other networks will draw in 40 kobos per sec.

There’s nothing overly exciting about this plan. In any case, here are some benefits of buying into the supersaver in addition to:

Enjoy free cheerful hours calls to MTN numbers with N100 from 00.30 to 4.30 which is applicable for both (business days and weekends)

How To Migrate?

Dial *408# or Text 408 to 131

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There you have it, folks, the cheapest MTN Tariff Plans handpicked for you. This will make it easy for you not to get ripped off in this recession Era.

In the event that you’d like to see more Tariff plan reviews as this one, benevolently ask by means of the comment section.

After placing the last stop to this article, I felt like a decent brother paying special mind to his kin. Ordinarily, I’d request a thank you, however on the off chance that you’ve read up to this point, kindly share. Thank You, Guys!

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