30 Ways To Increase Traffic To Website

Ways to drive Traffic to Your website.

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. Majority of people believe the only way to driving traffic will cost them money. There are different methods to increase traffic that you pay for, and the majority of them are free. Increasing traffic to your business, website, or blog is the key to building a larger audience. I have enlisted in this post the top ways to increase traffic your website. The benefit of increasing your traffic is to improve visibility, ranking, and increase revenue.

How to increase traffic to website
How to increase traffic to website

Top ways to increase traffic your website.

1. Write Articles is one of the most powerful ways to increase traffic for your website. Here is a list of free article sites that I personally use at the given moment.

  • Squidoo.com.
  • Hubpages.com.
  • Isnare.com.
  • Goarticles.com.
  • Getarticlesdone.com.
  • Ezinearticles.com.
  • Articlecity.com.
  • Technorati.com.
  • Buzzle.com.
  • Suite101.com.
  • Seekingalpha.com.
  • Associatedcontent.com.
  • Examiner.com.
  • Articlesbase.com.
  • Xomba.com.
  • Flixya.com.
  • Bukisa.com.
  • Triond.com.
  • Hellum.com.
  • Oondi.com.
  • Shetoldme.com.
  • Digitaljournal.com.

2. Commenting on blogs is another great strategy for increase traffic. When leaving a comment on someone else website make sure the site is relevant to your niche. Other things to take in consideration for your comment to be approve is to provided content, be respectful, and know what your talking about.

3. Social bookmarking is another source for building traffic. Here are my favorite social bookmarking sites.

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • MySpace
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Tweetmeme
  • Fark
  • Slashdot
  • Friendfeed
  • Clipmarks
  • Newsvine
  • LiveJournal
  • Meet Up
  • Orkut
  • MyLife
  • Ning
  • Tagged
  • Deviant Art

4. Facebook Fan Page is a tool to increase traffic to your website. Creating a Facebook Fan page is very easy process and free.

5. Facebook ads are a popular method of buying traffic for your site. Facebook ads provide targeted, demographic, and direct traffic.

6. YouTube is a free marketing channel that everyone should use to drive traffic to their websites. Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? YouTube is a free online tool we should be using for online marketing.

7. Referral Program is a great way to drive traffic through the word of mouth. Offer your potential customers a discount if they refer your services to their friends.

8. Facebook groups are a great way to promote your blog post to boost your traffic. I join other Facebook groups with relevant topics and start posting my blogs. I get tons of free traffic using Facebook groups.

9. Join a forum group to boost traffic to your site. In the forum group your able to post or answer questions. In a forum group, you can easily become an expert on your field and built credibility. They are forum sites for all types of niches. Here are a couple of forum groups I have using in the past and still use.

Top Forums for SEO

  • forums.searchenginewatch.com
  • sitepoint.com/forums/
  • seoforums.org
  • seomoz.org/community
  • forums.digitalpoint.com/
  • forums.seochat.com
  • highrankings.com/forum
  • seo-guy.com/forum/
  • forums.site-reference.com
  • seoblackhat.com/forum/

10. Ebay is a great source to drive traffic to your website. Ebay currently has over 60 million customers. How do you increase traffic from Ebay? All you need to do is create a good About Me Page in your Ebay account. In the about me, page Ebay allows to promote your website.

11. Newspaper Ads is another tool to drive traffic to your site. Contact your local newspaper and place an ad.

12. Search Engine Optimization is a terrific way to drive organic traffic. Make sure to optimize your site by taking advantage of keywords and excellent content.

13. Backlinks area great for search engine optimization and driving organic traffic. If your looking to buying high quality backlinks there are many companies where they can be purchase. Here are a couple of companies I have bought backlinks.


14. Guest posting will help grow your brand and is a popular option to drive traffic. I have included a link with various sites with high ranking that allow guest posting.

15. Investing in E-mail listing will help your website drive tons of traffic. I have enlisted some of the organizations that provide E-mail listing services for a reasonable price.

Get Response
Mail Chimp
Constant Contact
Benchmark Email
Campaign Monitor
Jango Mail
Ezine Director
Jango Mail

16. Free E-book is another way to increase traffic to your site. The e-book is a free incentive for customers to return to your site and add promotional links inside the book. There are many ways to create an e-book for a low cost. I have enlisted a couple of sites to buy or hire someone to create an e-book.

  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Fastcinco

There are also companies that allow buying private label rights. These companies let you buy the e-book and let you change the title, content, author info, and even sell them and keep every penny.

  • Master-resale-rights.com
  • Plrebooks.co.uk
  • Sallys-ebooks.co.uk
  • Floodle.net
  • Plwholesaler.com

17. Clickbank helps promote your product and increases your website traffic. Majority of the traffic will be from affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers sign up to promote your product sending traffic to your website.

18. Flickr is a free tool to drive traffic to your site. Anyone that uses an image through your Flickr account has to give an image credit which will drive free traffic your site.

19. Create a blog and drive traffic to your website.

20. Sign up for answer websites. The answer websites are a place where people place questions about specific niches who are trying to find an answer. Becoming the expert at the answer websites will increase free traffic to your site. I have enlisted some of the sites you can sign up for free to drive organic traffic.

  • Answers.yahoo.com
  • Ask.com
  • Allexperts.com
  • Answers.com
  • Blurit.com
  • Anybodyoutthere.com
  • Funadvice.com
  • Askville.com
  • Askmehelpdesk.com
  • Answerbank.com
  • Answerly.com
  • Answerbag.com
  • Friendfeed.com

21. Use Podcasting to drive traffic to your website. Podcasting is one of the newest crazes over the Internet. Podcasting is continually growing daily, and its a great way to get your website traffic.

22. RSS Feeds on your website will also help promote traffic. The RSS Feeds are one of the most powerful traffic driving tools a blogger can use to create backlinks and rank higher in the search engines. Feedburner allows blog owners to create and manage their RSS Feeds.

23. Web 2.0 Sites have huge traffic and are a great way to drive free organic traffic. I have enlisted some of my favorite Web 2.0 Sites.


24. Email Signature. All of your emails should have your website address in the bottom.

25. Business Cards are another great form of getting free traffic. Provide everyone you meet with a business card with your website address. I have enlisted some of the top sites to buy business cards.

Vista Print
123 Print
Businesscards 24
Go Print
Juke Box
Overnight Prints
Print Runner

26. Search Engine Directory. Increase your visibility by adding your website to search engine directory. I have compose of the top search engines to add your website.

Alta Vista
Alexa Internet
27. Place ads on Micro Websites. Using micro websites to drive hoards of targeted traffic to your website. Here are my favorite micro websites.


28. Advertise on outsourcing sites. Offer your product or services to different countries. I have enlisted my favorite outsourcing companies.


29. Create an interactive community in your blog. Adding a blog comment field on your website will allow for everyone to join the conversation. In return make sure to respond to everyone comment Google loves interaction. A great plugin I used for WordPress is Comment Luv.

30. Sign up for free Gravator account. Every time you leave a comment on blogs your picture and website address will automatically appear.

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