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4 Ways to show love in a relationship

4 Ways to show love in a relationship


4 Ways to show love in a relationship

Communicating love to the people you care for is very important. It allows you to express your feelings in a way that ensures your partner is never in doubt of how you feel. 4 Ways to show love in a relationship, which enlightening our youth to hold their relationship tight.


1.You can show your love through physical touch

4 Ways to show love in a relationship
Scientists also testify that the skin is the largest organ on the human body that’s the first part of the 4 ways to show love in a relationship. The skin is also very sensitive and filled with feel good nerve-endings. Physically touching your partner lets them feel the love you have for them.
The love language of physical touch includes things like holding your partner’s hand when walking together. If your partner isn’t the PDA type then you can keep
the touching private by cuddling while watching a movie or after sex, giving your partner a warm hug, a brief squeeze of the shoulder or a light touch on your
partner’s back.

4 Ways to show love in a relationship

2. Share Gifts

4 Ways to show love in a relationship
Gifts, caringly given, involve thinking about what the other person likes. With gifts, it’s about wanting to make your partner happy by giving something you know
they’ll like or find useful.
Since a gift is an expression of love, and not of how much money you have in the bank, it doesn’t even need to be expensive or something bought in the shop, a
shell from the beach or a piece of sea glass cost nothing but can be great and treasured gifts..
Sometimes it’s about the thoughtfulness and effort behind the gift. So pay attention when your partner speaks, this is a great and easy way to pick up cues
and get gift ideas.
And to make things extra special, don’t wait for a special occasion to get a gift. The random and spontaneous gifts are also just as great and meaningful.
Gifts are symbols of love and appreciation so be creative!

4 Ways to show love in a relationship
3. Helping Out!


4 Ways to show love in a relationship
You know the saying “actions speak louder than words”? Well this means that sometimes you have to DO things to show your partner just how much they mean
to you. But the trick here is that you must WANT to do these things freely (not being forced or pressured) because when you love someone, you’re willing to step out
of your comfort zone and not do things that are good for the relationship. for the sake of peace and happiness in the relationship. It’s about putting someone else’s needs first.
Being of service means:
going the extra mile to help your partner with things like the house chores, helping and supporting your partner with academic work, taking on your share of the emotional work in the relationship. Eg. talking about your own emotions and not bottling them up or being bothered about your partner’s feelings.
willingly sharing the responsibility of looking after your children, helping the other person to complete a project or doing something which makes their life easier and less stressful being there for your partner during difficult times like the death of a loved one or when they’re struggling to find a job and holding hope for them when they are finding this difficult to do for themselves.
4. Words of Love


4 Ways to show love in a relationship
“I appreciate you”, “Thanks for helping me out the other day”- tell your partner how you feel about them and how you feel about their role in your life. It is more
meaningful if you make your words specific and truthful. Telling someone they are a great person is one thing, but if you say to them that you think they are a great person because they helped you finish an assignment instead of going out with their friends makes it more real and believable.
If you’re the extra creative and romantic type, you can even explain your words of love in a poem or a song.
Saying “I love you” is really important in a relationship if you mean it. However, don’t overuse it and don’t let it become a habit that has no real meaning. If you
say it, mean it and find ways to show that you do mean it.
These kind and encouraging words can help to build your partner’s self-esteem and let them feel secure in the relationship, but take it steady and check out with
yourself that you can maintain the expectations you are building up in your partner.

4 Ways to show love in a relationship

Points to remember:

It’s important to remember that we all express and feel love differently. You might think by calling your partner every night to say goodnight, they’ll know that
you love them when in fact your partner feels loved and appreciated through gifts. we tend to show love in the ways we would like to receive it, so it’s worth
watching what your partner does.

We tend to show love in the ways we would like to receive it, so it’s worth watching your partner’s actions and listening to their words, as this is likely to
reflect the kind of things they are looking for from you too.
If you’re struggling, then just simply ask your partner to share with you the type of things that make them feel loved. It might seem like you’re taking the easy
way out by asking but we’re sure they’ll appreciate the effort when you start following through ;). especially if you also check out from time to time whether it
is working for them too.
There are quite a few options to choose from. You know your partner, pick the one that would appeal most to your partner!
These tips will allow you to move on from that EX who broke your heart.

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