5 Awesome Hidden Features In Your Android Smartphone

Android is the most generally utilized portable working framework around the world.It is likewise the most customisable portable OS out there and the adaptability it offers is unparalleled. In the event that you think you have investigated your Android telephone without limitations. Then examine these tips and traps that will make you see your telephone in an alternate.


1.Get those erased warnings back.

Numerous a times we erroneously erase each one of those warnings from the notice board and after that understand that some of them required our consideration. In the event that you are a casualty of this, then this straightforward trap will come genuine convenient. To initiate take after these strides.

Long-tap an unfilled space on your Android home-screen and tap gadgets.

Discover the Settings alternate route gadget by swiping left and place it on the home-screen.

The settings alternate route will then open a menu from which you can choose the Notification log.

​Just tap on it and a Notification log alternate route will show on your home-screen. From that point, you can tap on it to check your notice history.

2. Discover your cell phone regardless of the possibility that it’s on “Noiseless” mode.

cell phone on quiet mode and coincidentally keep it in your sack or a drawer. Presently you have no clue where it is, and approaching your number from a companion’s telephone won’t work.

In such cases, you can use the usefulness of ‘Android gadget administrator’. In addition, this can be utilized to find, delete information and lock your Android gadget on the off chance that it is stolen. To initiate take after these strides:

Open a program and sort ‘Discover my telephone’ through Android gadget administrator.

You will be requested that sign from your Google ID (ensure it’s the same by which you have marked in on your Android cell phone).

​You will discover three alternatives, ring, bolt and eradicate. Pick as indicated by your prerequisite.

3. Let your Android cell phone read notices for you.

It is by no means fitting to peruse and answer to instant messages back and so forth while you are driving. Be that as it may, there are times when you can’t miss an imperative email or a content from a family individual regardless of the possibility that you are in the driver’s seat or in position when you can’t work your cell phone physically.

In such situations you can download some outsider applications on your Android gadget that can carry out the employment for you. Shouter, Read it to me, Speak me, and so forth are a few applications that can read your warnings from various stock and outsider applications. You can organize the applications for which you need the application to peruse notices while you drive.

4. Programmed telephone open at your trusted spots.

Setting up a lock design or a password is a tremendously required component as nobody likes their own data getting traded off. Nonetheless, entering the four-digit secret key or open example each opportunity to check notices even at spots where your own data is sheltered can be truly chafing.

For such cases, you can utilize the ‘Shrewd lock’ highlight (with Android 5.0 or more) on your Android cell phone. The stock element sidesteps the PIN or password in your trusted surroundings, similar to home or work. To initiate take after these strides.

Go to security choice in setting menu. There you will locate the ‘brilliant lock’ highlight. Tap on it to set up the ‘Believed spots’ the place you would prefer not to sort a password each opportunity to open your Android cell phone.

The element utlises your GPS sensor to set up a trusted area.

Moreover, you can likewise set up a trusted voice and a trusted gadget to open your Android cell phone in the event that you are wearing a wearable device. For clients running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat on their Android cell phones, can introduce ‘Shrewd lock screen’ from Play store to get the usefulness.

5. Check everything about your telephone’s equipment.

To ensure your cell phone’s equipment is working legitimately, you can introduce ‘Telephone analyzer’ from Play store that gives you finish data about your cell phone’s equipment.

The free application offers definite data of your cell phone’s sensor exercises progressively, demonstrates battery’s temperature, camera’s nitty gritty data and let you investigate whether the presentation is working effectively or not.

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