9 Best Ways to Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore

9 Best Ways to Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore

Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore  –  Google Playstore is the default and most trusted source for downloading apps on Android devices.

But some issues do come up when it comes to downloading on Google Playstore which download pending is one of the issues.

These do happen when you start a download on the Play Store and under My apps and games you see the error with an option to cancel the ongoing download. There might be some reasons behind this. Below are some of the reasons:

1.   Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore – Step 1 Make Way 

The Play Store automatically downloads and installs the latest version of apps on your Android device. Therefore, it can be possible that the app you are trying to download is in a queue, and hence, the download pending error shows. To solve that, open the Play Store and click on the menu icon and select My apps and games. Read Also: Download Clear Scanner | How To Download Clear Scanner

To cancel nthe ongoing download, click on the “x” button or click on the “Stop” button to cancel all the ongoing downloads once, you can now download the app you need to download first before resuming with the update.


2.   Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore – Solution 2 Check Wi-Fi and data connection

If your Wi-Fi is not working or you have a low or slow connection you can toggle the Wi-Fi button to download the app using your mobile data plan.

It may also occur that your mobile data plan is not working or it is slow due to connection to download apps. When this happens, try bconnecting to different Wi-Fi network or toggle data plan off. Sometimes toggling the Airplane mode off/on can help solve the situation.


3.    style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore – Solution 3 Disable VPN

People who are more worried about their privacy maybe using a VPN. Some do use a VPN that unlocks access to the region-restricted sites. Some people do use it to mainly block the internet speed, marginally and block ads.

It will be a preferable idea to disable your VPN connection and see if it resolves the download pending error issue in Google Play Store.


4.  Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore – Solution 4 Force Stop and Clear Data

Play Store can be misbehaving due to some remaining data or cache memory. To clear the old data and cache, go to settings and open Apps then find Google Play Store.

Once you see Google Play Store, I will advice you to first Force stop the app and then click on Clear data to clear all data, by doing this, all data and cache will be deleted. You might require to log in to your Google account again when you open Play Store. Read Also: Sendspace – Share or Send your  big files, Free Large File Hosting

Repeat the same process again, but for Google Play Services this time which will be seen under Apps only.


5.  Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore – Solution 5 Reset App preferences

If other methods are not working, the option to reset app preferences should be the next option. This will reset app preferences and settings of all your apps, default or third-party apps installed on your device, so you will have to reset it all over again.

To do this, go to your setting, click on Apps then open the menu. When you choose the Reset app preference option, there will be a pop-up menu which will tell you what is going to happen. Click on Reset apps to start the changes.


6.  Bolution 6 To Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore Is  Bad Timing

Most device will set the correct date and time using your geo-location and carrier automatically. But sometimes it won’t be done that way.

To change the date and time of your device, go to settings and click on “Additional Settings” and select Date and time.

Now  turn off the Automatic date and time and set them manually, also make sure the time zone is correct.


7.     Solution 7 To Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore Is To Remove SD Card

All smartphones does not support external card, especially premium smartphones, but if your device supports an SD card, and the SD card is in your device, try removing it. Your SD card might be corrupted with virus or malware or may need formatting.

If any of the above happens to be true, that means your SD card does not support downloading apps on the Play Store.


8.     Solution 8 To Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore Is To Create New Account

If everything does not work, the source of the problem might be from your Google account. Maybe there is a settings or permission coming on the way.

To check this out, log out of your primary Google account and try to download the app with another Google account. If this work out, you will have to check the settings and permissions of your Google account.

To check the settings and permissions of your Google account, go to settings and click on Sync or Accounts based on the smartphone and OS version of your device.

When you click on “More” at the bottom of the screen, you will see an option where you can Remove account, you can remove then add new Google account and then try downloading again. Read Also: Download Boomplay App | How To Download Boomplay App


9.   Solution 9 To Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Playstore is To Enable Download Manager

Download Manager app is used by Play Store to manage all downloads and updates on Android devices. Try checking if the Download Manager app has been disabled on your device, if yes, you have to enable it.

To enable it, go to your settings and click on Apps, when you click on Apps, click on system apps on the next interface where you will find the Download Manger app, enable it to help Play Store work perfectly.

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