Activate YouTube Dark Mode: How To Activate YouTube Dark Mode

Activate YouTube Dark Mode: How To Activate YouTube Dark Mode

Activate YouTube Dark Mode – With YouTube you are given another choice if you need more time to watch your videos. The clear path is that YouTube wants to make video easier when you are watching it at night to avoid eye strain.

You can find this not compulsory because if you have all that you need to do with the YouTube dark mode, this is just a little secret.

Now we are highlighting you on how to get this new choice did which can help you get to the dark YouTube.

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This stage is not really on the IOS version device but sometimes also comparatively not quite long this is available on android phones also in-browser version.

With this dark mode you can try to change the platform interface from white to black.

Activate YouTube Dark Mode | Step to get the dark mode activated on your YouTube:

  1. Now go to your browser and visit the youtube website by clicking on this link or copy and paste the out on your browser
  2. Now you have got to the site, tap on the profile icon.

Check this image for the sample, where the red arrow is showing your profile.

  • Now tap on this icon which the red arrow is indicating.Activate YouTube Dark Mode
  1. When you tap on this you will find the page which will appear like a list.
  2. Now the dark theme is off, you will need to tap on this to get it activated.

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Now this is done, you can now enjoy your features in black mode. You can enjoy this to avoid straining of your eyes.

For more tips and information all you need to do is to register to this site by inputting your email address in the box below, to get this done is just free of charge.

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