Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps(Pictures)

Ways to Advertise on Google in Nigeria: AdWords Steps with picture

How to Advertise on Google in Nigeria  – Maybe you are an internet entrepreneur? Maybe you are a business man, or you own a site, maybe there is a new product you want to let the entire public know about? This why have put up this article for you on how to advertise on Google in Nigeria just to inform you that Google is the best and affordable advertising platform you can be a well wealthy man by sharing what you have.

Reasons you need to Advertise on Google AdWords in Nigeria

Now you have got a good research on “how to advertise on Google in Nigeria”, now you need to recheck on unspecified reasons why you need to advertise on Google AdWords.

The following are reasons why you need to advertise on Google AdWords:

1. For Best SEO alternative:

Maybe you have a new blog on Authority to rank on Google front page, running AdWords adverts in the same manner will make your site comes to googles front page where having capacity to present something for the future of the buyers can easily locate your business.

Whenever you have Google AdWords, waiting for your article on your site to boost up is not needed. This appears at the front page immediately after approving your ads by Google… all gotten from your advertisements this will be keep as reference as SEO traffic as long as the traffic is coming from Google. We all know that” AdWords helps in paying for all alternative to search engine optimization.

2. For Easy capture of potential Customers

The Google AdWords helps in getting aims with group of people you wish and your ads will be provided to them personally instead of making it done without method of decision.

Putting up a topic like selling Infinix Mobile phones, along with Google AdWords, marking a point from viewers with an easy way tips like e.g. (price for infinix mobile in Nigeria, how can I get infinix in Nigeria,Buy infinix mobile phone online etc.) people most time find what relates to what they really need, they search for main keywords, with help from Google  your site will be shown.

Through this you can reach your highest capacity with your customer without losing your money on unnecessary adverts that can’t move or change. A lot of help from Google AdWords, getting outcome of what you did, will be paid to you.

3. This is necessary within your estimate of income

Millions of advert is not too necessary. Through different amount, you can start up an advertisement with help using Google AdWords in Nigeria.

The Google AdWords helps to estimate your plan base on your income. Did you get as much as you expected? Spending it in a way you are not sure of? The though is inside you and determine your estimate base on your income.

You gain little outcome, you get little search: You gain big outcome, you get big search (learn from this quote).

4. Easy tracing/tracking and analytics

With Google AdWords you can track your advertisement boom up with the help from your mobile device.

Clicks have been done for you? Thinking where your clicks are from, from which keywords, and other reports to trace/track how successful your ads are running.

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AdWords dashboard has everything you can control and make useful maintenance on your Campaigns.

Advantages and disadvantages you must know about Google AdWords

I will love to share with you what you can get from Google AdWords before going to the tutorial with screenshots on how to advertise on Google in Nigeria

  • Point in which they meet is really complex, this can let a beginner get frustrated for the first time. This will get easier when you have learned more about it.
  • The AdWords certification is broad and easy to learn and professional digital marketing programs available today.
  • Starting up adverts on Google AdWords this not an easy way when you are called a beginner in this field in Nigeria
  • Setting up plan in advertising your outcome can be destroyed easily without getting any result.
    Controlled on your industry, CPC can be as high as $100 per click.
  • Given to you that you have funds in your account, make sure you build as many ads as possible.
  • Anytime you advertise on Google AdWords, there are chances to show your ads on YouTube, Google search, Google play store, Gmail, maps and AdSense enabled websites.

This will blow your mind, let me how to advertise on Google in Nigeria but before then see how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria.


How to pay for Google adwords in Nigeria

We have to stop for a while to the steps to run advertisements on Google AdWords in Nigeria without knowing how to pay.

  1. Making Payment to AdWordsone of the main purposes why many Nigerian can’t put their product online and for advertising on Google today this is because of currency difference and Card rejection. Cards are always rejected each time when you can’t make payment to Google AdWords in Nigeria with this you can never see outcome, maybe you can’t start putting it online or social media on Google at times you know the usefulness.
  2. GTB Naira master or VISA Card together other Nigeria bank card has been approved to be working effectively with online transactions such as pushing forward with Facebook ads, and AdWords as soon as your card is declined I will like to give you tips on how to make your card work for all online transaction.

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Together with the below steps, this will let you know how to Learn how to make a virtual Master or VISA credit Card for making online transaction. You can make all payment with this card and also you can pay all foreign online stores without card issues.


How to Create Visa or Master Card for Google AdWords payment

Get and launch the Getbarter app (this can be gotten from Google playstore), go to the official website clicking this link I think this app is preferable I will love to move along with it Getbarter Review.

Now you have set up Getbarter app you will see this on your screen.Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps(Pictures) 1

Maybe you don’t have any account with Getbarter, kindly create a new one. Now you have created your account, log in to your account dashboard tap on Wallet and Fund your wallet with not less than $10 to enable you Create new Card.

Now you are done with this click on cards, and choose the option to add new CardAdvertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with pictureAdvertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

A link will come up asking you on what type of card do you need.Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

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Choose either VISA or Master Card. then, put in your name also with the amount you need to pay in your Card.Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

Immediately the card will be created the money will be deducted from your wallet to your card. Your card is successfully created, now your card is ready. Making transaction is possible now after the creating of this.Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps(Pictures) 2

Tap on the Card, this will also show you your back view which indicates your Cvv number.


How to advertise on Google in Nigeria

Now you successfully created this card, if you  want to begin your advertisement on Google AdWords just kindly click on the AdWords signup link here calm down for the  page to load tap on the continue or Got it button immediately you will be instructed to re-login your Gmail account. (if you don’t have any valid Gmail account, try to create one).

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You have successfully logged in; you will be directed to Google AdWords Homepage. At the dashboard your first option is to set your payment details.

Tap on the Setting icon (this look like a spanner) this is above your Dashboard. Then you will find a drop menu. Through this drop menu choose SETUP and you will be shown a new drop menu just Click on Billing & paymentAdvertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

In this next page you will have to fill in your payment detailsAdvertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

Here in this field of your card details, fill in the Card details of on your Getbarter Account (this was done in your first stage) and save your payment details. Now you are done with that, what you have to do next is to create new campaign

How to Create your First Campaign with Google AdWords

Now you have filled in your payment details, tap on Campaigns from your Dashboard you will find out that you don’t have any data because you have not created any Ads.Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

Tap on the Plus sign(+) and you will find a new drop menu.Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

Choose the first option (Create new Campaign) Do your campaign settings, choose Group and create your Google Ads.Advertise on Google in Nigeria | AdWords Ads Steps with picture

This step given to you, Ads are ready for you: I will advise you keep yourself updated on the screen. Instructions and guidelines are been stated which are much and can’t be stated here. I will be fully assured that you can continue from where I stop.

Now you have created your AdWords ads, keep patient for the ads to be reviewed: maybe your ads are been approved, an email message will be sent to you via email that your Ads has been approved.

Analytics will show in your Dashboards I will put this forward to you, download the Google AdWords app from Playstore to have a reliable and well going page to your Dashboard.

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