AirDrop App | What is AirDrop App & How it Works


AirDrop App | What is AirDrop App & How it Works

AirDrop App  –  AirDrop is an app created for the purpose of sharing files wirelessly between Macs and iOS with a minimum of fuss.

AirDrop App has been in existence for a while but most people do think or bother to look for it and it is probably because they do not know about it. It is a cool and useful app and easy to use.

AirDrop App is used to transfer almost anything you can share where some of the things you can share on AirDrop are; images, videos, music, files and anything you can think of, you can also AirDrop a website from your iPad to your friend’s phone which is best if they want to bookmark for later reading, you can also AirDrop things like text from notes, anything from playlist to a location you have pinned in Apple Maps, contact information and lot more. ALSO READ: How To Copy Files To New Laptop/PC – Tutorial

AirDrop App | How Does AirDrop App Works?

Bluetooth is used or better still required to create peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network between devices in AirDrop. A firewall is created around the connection of each device and files are sent encrypted which makes it well secured and free from virus or malware and it is also safer than transferring via email.

AirDrop will discover nearby device that is supported automatically. When connecting to AirDrop, both devices need to be close to each other to enable a proper Wi-Fi connection. One of the advantages of AirDrop is the use of Wi-Fi for connection. ALSO READ: CLONEit App | How to copy files from Android to Android

Some apps do make use of a similar file sharing capability using Bluetooth, some Android devices use the combination of Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth to share files. But both Bluetooth and NFC cannot be compared to Wi-Fi, which makes the sharing of larger files using AirDrop more convenient.

AirDrop App | AirDrop Supported Devices

Current iPads going back to iPad 4 and iPad Mini are supported by AirDrop. It is also supported on current iPhones going back to iPhone 5, it is also supported on the iPod Touch 5. Macs with OS X Lion are also supported by AirDrop, so sorry that Macs released earlier that 2010 may not be supported.

AirDrop App | How to Turn on Air Drop

If you have been searching all through on how or where to turn on AirDrop on your settings, you are definitely looking for it in the wrong place.

To turn on AirDrop, you have to go to your control panel by sliding up from the bottom of your iPad screen. Once you see the control panel, you can now have access to the AirDrop settings. ALSO READ: AirPlay Software | How Does AirPlay Software Works

You can now choose if to turn it On Off or Contacts Only (which is the default setting). The meaning of Contact only in AirDrop means that only people available in your contact list is allowed to send you an AirDrop request.

AirDrop App | How to Use AirDrop on iPad

For any device to connect to AirDrop, the devices must have a good connection so that it can connect even when the other person is in the next room, the devices must also have their device turned on for it to register and they will need to correct permissions to AirDrop with each other.

You can also go to the control panel to tap the AirDrop button to turn the permissions from Off to Contacts Only to Everyone. It is best to leave it at Contacts Only. One thing you need to know about AirDrop is that it works on what you are doing at that time. ALSO READ: Evernote App | What is Evernote and How Does it Work

For example, if you want to share a web page, you will need to be on that web page, if you want to share a photo, you will need to be viewing that photo you want to share in the Photos app and likewise for other files. So you will need to navigate to whatever you want to share.

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