Airtel Data Plan & Bundles – See October Latest 2018

Airtel Data Plan & Bundles, See October Latest 2018 Subscription codes and prices Here In!

Airtel Data Plan & Bundle  –  Would you like to see latest Airtel Data Plan coeds 2018/2019 prices? Here are all the Bundles and Subscription codes you need. 

This guide covers both android, iPhone, and the general Airtel 1500 date plan.

It is obvious that most Nigerians use more than one network line for wither business or reasons best known to them.

Irrespective of this multiple network choice, Airtel is exceedingly flourishing in the telecommunications market as its users in Nigeria has marginally increased to 98.3million, gaining new internet subscribers amounting to 911,040 users (from the Nigeria communications commission desk).

This is simply not a case of trumpet blowing for Airtel, but a case of hard work and exceeding greatness and the network is beginning to climb its ladder to the top.

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With the vast number of users emanating from the network, not every user has the patience to engage in a long waiting call with Airtel customer service, or have a long conversation with Airtel customer service, that is why we bring you complete package that comes from Airtel data plan code bundle.

Before going fully into the different Airtel data plan package, lets firstly learn how to check  data balance, the code is*223# or *140# .

Daily Airtel Data Plan & bundle Codes

The daily bundle has different packages for different prices like 50MB for 100naira, this last for only a day and can be gotten through *410#.

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Another daily bundle package is the Airtel 3day bundle for 200 naira, it comes with 200MB, can be gotten through *412#.

Weekly Airtel Data Plan & Bundle Codes

Here is the 350MB for 300naira for 7days Airtel Data plan 2018, opt in code is *417#
Another is the 750MB for 500naira for 2weeks, opt-in code is *418#.

Monthly Airtel Data & Plan Bundle Codes

Here is a monthly package of 1.5GB for 1,000naira, to opt in dial *496#.

Airtel has another monthly plan of 3.5GB for 2000naira gotten through *437#.

There is the 3.5GB for 3,500. Opt-in is 438#. Another is 9GB for 4,000. Opt-in code is *4381#.

Unlimited Airtel Data Plan & Bundle Code

For monthly Airtel unlimited plan: 3.5GB for 1,500, opt-in is 435#
Weekly unlimited plan: 200MB for 525naira. Opt-in is *440
Daily unlimited data: 40MB for 100naira, opt-in is 44018#

Do want to know when there’s free data plan from Airtel?

Do you want us to give you updates on cheap Airtel bundle? If yes, comment below now.

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