Amazon Locker App | What is Amazon Locker & How it Works?


Amazon Locker App  | What is Amazon Locker & How it Works?

Amazon Locker App  –  This is a feature provided by Amazon which is known as Amazon Locker. This feature works as a delivery and return service that enables Prime members or anyone that is willing to pay to send their packages to self-service kiosks and secure. If an Amazon locker location is close to you, it will be shown in your shipping options when you make purchase on Amazon. Instead of you shipping your package to your home, it will be securely delivered directly to a Locker. Read More!

For an item to be eligible for delivery to an Amazon Locker, it must meet a specific size and weight criteria. Packages have a shipping weight and dimensions, packages that have a shipping weight that is less than 20 pounds with dimensions smaller than 19 x 12 x 14 inches. Each package must also have a value under $5,000.

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Please note that Amazon does not allow items that are shipped from other countries, packages fulfilled by third party sellers or subscribe and save items.

Amazon Locker App  | How does Amazon Locker Work?

Once a package has arrived, Amazon will send the owner of the package an email with a six-digit code which you will use to verify and get your package.

All you have to do with that six-digit code is to go up to the bay of lockers, find your package, enter the code and take up your product. You don’t need to have a conversation with anybody or ask questions or signatures. When using Amazon Locker, you have at most three calendar days to pick up your package before it is returned back to Amazon for a refund.

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The cost of using an Amazon Locker is the same as basic shipping. A user that uses Amazon Prime have their items sent to their locker with a free two-day shipping while normal customers will have to pay the required rate. If you have a product that is eligible for return via Amazon Locker, it will be shown in the option listed on your Drop Off options during the return process via

Amazon Locker App | Amazon Locker Locations and Hours

The hours of Amazon Locker depends on the location, some locations are open 24 hours a day, while some are open from 10am to 8pm on Monday through Friday. To be on a safer side, you have to get to your Locker during business hours or better still check the hours of your closest location.

Amazon Locker App  | What are the Drawbacks of Amazon Locker?

There are over 2,000 Amazon Locker locations that are spread out across more than 50 areas in the U.C, still Lockers are not everywhere. If you reside in where there is no Locker, you will have to go to the nearest location where you can find a Locker.

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Amazon Locker App – Is an Amazon Locker worth it?

Amazon Locker is a good option especially for people who live in an apartment or building without a mailroom. It is also the best option if you need an important or expensive package to be delivered to you.

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