Anambra: Stella Oduah, Andy Uba’s seats not empty –Supreme Court

Anambra: Stella Oduah, Andy Uba’s seats not empty –Supreme Court

Anambra: Stella Oduah, Andy Uba's seats not empty –Supreme Court

THE Supreme Court said yesterday it never pronounced empty the seats of Senators Andy Ubah, Stella Oduah and different legislators speaking to Anambra State for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in its judgment in the claim brought by the Ejike Oguebego-drove official council.

In declining purview to hear the movement brought by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) looking for the understanding of its judgment of January 29, 2016, the peak court said the issues brought up in the said movement were never a portion of its judgment as they were never solicited the court.

Also, Justice John Okoro, who read the decision of the court, said the January 29 judgment was clear and with no vagueness and in this way, it would not be right for any gathering to import diverse understandings and implications into it.

Equity Okoro, who was upheld by four of his associates, questioned: “Where in our judgment did we compose that the Ejike Oguebego-drove official advisory group of the state section of the gathering ought to assume control over the elements of the National Executive of the gathering and forward the rundown to INEC?

“INEC is requesting an elucidation in the matter of whether it will be advocated, having respect to the said choice of the Supreme Court, in pulling back the Certificates of Return issued to the applicants supported and named by the National Executive of the PDP and in their place issuing Certificates of Return to persons who were in the rundown sent by the Anambra State section of the PDP who were distributed as named competitors taking after the requests of the educated trial judge the topic of the claim. This was not some portion of our judgment.

“INEC further asked whether having respect to the judgment of the Supreme Court in this bid, the candidate (INEC) should announce as empty the seats of every single chose congressperson, individuals from House of Representatives/House of Assembly introduced by the National Executive and from that point direct a new decision. This as well, is not some portion of our judgment.

“These are matters which are presumably being ventilated at the decision tribunal and Court of Appeal,” the pinnacle court ruled.

In a movement on notification dated February 5, 2016 and documented by a consortium of legal advisors headed by Chief Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), INEC set out six issues for illumination by the court, saying it was befuddled on which course to take after.

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