Any Do Review Best Task Manager App | Best To Do List App

Task Manager App Review | Top Best To-Do List Of Application That Suit Your Need

Any Do / To-do task manager apps: Trying o search for the Best to do Task Manager Apps for the year 2019?

Now you are the right spot to get all that you need. Before we begin this article in details, you can look at the recent article ” Apple Watch Apps |; Best Apple Watch Apps For Students” and Apple Watch Apps | Best Apple Watch Apps You Can’t Do Without., these are the important article you shouldn’t joke with!

Haven said above, you will get all the 13 best to-do list apps which can be used to improve your productivity.

Before you are done with the reading of this article, just sit down and get this app name stuck to your mind which will help you benefit a lot.

below is the name of these tools which are helpful

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Let’s get started…

1. ClickUp— Best Task Manager App 

any do app

Due to the app here, extra payment will need to be made for notification, using economical control or task.

This app will help you get the strength of a maximum production stage also a unique assignment management tool, along with a lot of combinations just like the Google Calendar and Slack integration.

Also, this app has many strong features, you will need to design the regulations also workspaces for you to make use of what you need also create prompt in case you want to make use of them.

any do app

Make use of ClickUp everywhere. utilize this app for your iOS and your Android device, the desktop app, the web app –anywhere, anyplace you go, this app is the best for you to use.

this is wonderful for keeping the information, such as recipes, planning a birthday party or executing assignments or tracing contacts for networking. to know more about this click on this link by copying and pasting out this link or click on this link

it ensures you are stable in sync to ensure that you can make use of it over devices also get connected to your Google calendar, to get in touch with your goggle calendar easily click on this link or copy and paste out this link on your browser

you can get used of some few features keys whenever you are making use of this app as your unique productivity stage and to-do list app, to get a direct touch to your to-do list kindly click on this link or copy and paste out this link on your browser

  • The lists — build-up excellent catalogs to build your life. For instance, a file might be “Home” in the aspect that you have relevant action which will be useful, like “Bills” or “Grocery List.”
  • The Start Times and Due Dates – indicate both time and day, and ensure you get informed when assignments or tasks are across the end line. Automatically you will get reminded anytime anything is expected. instead, there might be an assignment or task in the future all you need to do is to create a start time. this is very easy for you to for direct tasks for you whenever you need to schedule something out days or weeks in which is coming ahead.
  • The Prioritize – if you have an urgent or important list to do, all you need is to Flag it as an urgent or low priority, immediately.
  • The Smart Search – if you have something in mind or you need to remember you don’t need to get bothered. just search for much as you make use of it, the more you get clever.
  • The Integrations – if you have calendars in Google Calendar or any unique documents such as it is present in Dropbox? this is possible. You can also connect them with ClickUp.
  • The Custom Statuses – Design your own projects with statuses to suit every single project. designing of your statuses can be done in different areas. Example, modernization of a home project would entail different status than scheduling your holiday or renting a new team member.
  • The Notes – make sure you put down some words immediately if you can’t find where to write down anything you can try to make use of the ClickUp notepad to ensure you write down you remember to write. addition of picture also links and checklists to make them as strong as potential.
  • Drag and Drop – this tasks anywhere this is present in the ClickUp – Board, List, or Box view.
  • This app renders your useful project calendar to direct all your current and advanced assignments tasks easily. they enable sync together with external calendar apps such as Google Calendar to assure you that your calendars are always updated.

Other Useful To-Do List Features for Teams

  • The Multiple Assignees – conduct your team members, friends or family members in this app just as users also assigning them tasks to assist them to remember to do something. This app gives you to allocate the same assignment to a lot of people.
  • The Rich Text Editing – this app is without conscious reasoning also it has a beautiful rich formatting interface, a complete explanation of every assignment or task inexpensive text with almost all the formatting links you get in MS Word or Google Docs.
  • The Multiple Views – just like View and Board View render your choice for handling tasks as a board (this is appropriate for the teams) maybe as a Get Things Done task list. The No to-do list app render you exactly these of options!
  • Moreover, you get Gantt charts, wiki, docs, spreadsheets, embeds and so on!

What’s up with ClickUp?

Finally,  features which you’d love to have will be rendered for your to-do list and task management, for you to be enabled to do more. These perfect features are free. I think you need to get this, try to make use of it as your primary task management app, project management tool or your basic to-do list app, in a single unit!

in the professional version, more storage and more professional features will be given.

Tap on Sign up here to start with ClickUp!


  • The feature-expensive free version.
  • The easy drag and drop well purpose for easy assignment or task management.
  • A simple addition of start dates and set due dates.
  • Understandable interface.
  • the custom statuses to secure trace of your task list in a simple way.
  • Can allocate a lot of people to a task.
  • A smart explore feature to find all your tasks.
  • Duty of combination such as Slack and Dropbox integration.


  • Just arrive at the market
  • You can’t chat internally

Download:  iOS | Android

Pricing: Free to $5 per user/per month


2. Todoist

any do app


One of the easy, simple interacting faces places the focus on the tasks available. Put in the action you need to do, create a required date also it will evoke you of when your deadlines are approaching very fast.

This app views your tasks that are required today, tomorrow also inside the next week. Apps which emphasis on easy reminders, this is wonderful.

The item which I need to research where input by myself, then it was prompted to me by this app to do them quickly. A huge project like this for me have not been done in Todoist before, this stress does not have to be done. A reminder is needed from this app to tell me to do a pick or start a laundry.

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The special thing is that Todoist combines with Google calendar also your tasks and events can meet up themselves. It is one of the difficult things for most to-do mobile apps.

This is very great for everyday tasks like distributing a business list with your notable other or diving it up among your friends.

Additional Review?

This app proposed projects for me to put together such as shopping, personal or even movies which I will love to watch. it a  useful prompt which doesn’t really need end lines but is a suitable feature.


This app will give you the privilege to view the task or assignment history, to enable you to view what you’ve finished and aids you set up an achievement for every day to stay productive. There is gain at the karma point whenever tasks and projects that render you a little more motive. Language can also be changed into a primary task management app for your groups.

The Features of Todoist:

  • It Repeats due dates
  • It Subtasks
  • Designate tasks
  • The projects are vital
  • Upgrade has to be done to Todoist premium for enjoying premium features such as task comments, color-coded labels, and reminders.


  • Quantity of adjusts templates to get started in a simple way.
  • A lot of third-party combinations to authorize up your to-do list software.
  • Reliable free version.


  • Statutes cannot be set for various stages of your task.
  • The calendar view for tasks needs work.
  • Cooperation cannot be done with your team efficiently.

If you are making use of Todoist and need to  ClickUp? Tap on Import your tasks.

Available: iOS | Android | Web

Pricing: Free to $5 per user/month


3. Remember The Milk

any do app

This app has been present for a while, and it’s still one of the standard choices. just like its name kind let says –it’s a place to deposit all of your unarranged ideas into a position place. As usual, we club after work or calling family members on their birthday. The simple stuff.

Perfect list feature is present here it is really nice, that allows you to write out the information and due dates in one line with genuine language. texts will also be sent to you and Gmail notifications to design how you want to accept information.

Just as it is shown in the Milk opts for easy tags also decent lists over the more reserved “projects” which I think is a better choice for a unique application like this. Sample tags such as work, personal or “bananas.” you can just decide to make tags for anything.

Free vs. Paid Version

Don’t forget the Milk has discovered a lot of their necessity features restricted to the premium version, such as subtasks or acquiring mobile notifications. You acquire a lot of those things for free in your normal task management tool. Though, if you like the platform or are already present in the platform then Remember The Milk universe, then improving probably have meaning.

Features of Remember The Milk :

  • You will get reminders by Gmail, text, Twitter and other mobile notifications
  • You can share your lists
  • There are Filter tasks by priority
  • You have the due dates present
  • You will get recurring tasks
  • There are tags present
  • There are location-based tasks
  • You will get attachments (Pro version)
  • Present in sync with Outlook (Pro version)


  • Easy-to-do list management.
  • Very easy web app platform.
  • Duty of third-party integrations for added functionality.


  • Location cannot be added-based reminders.
  • This Cannot be used as an important task manager for your task lists.
  • This Cannot handle large team combination.

Download: iOS | Android | Web

Pricing: Free to $39 per year


4. Google Keep

any do app


Though, it makes meaning in a lot of ways, mainly if you have been isolated to pen and paper for entire life. This is somehow similar, just with fast formatting. Your list can be titled also saved it to check later.

A reminder can also be set (this as to be done) also return to notes or other items later. Color-coded labels which is known as “tags” in this structure.

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Features of Google Keep :

  • You can set reminders
  • You can draw or type
  • You can also drop voice reminders
  •  You can save articles
  • There are a lot of devices
  • There are Pin posts


  • It is very easy – next to no learning curve.
  • It aids voice commands.
  • It is completely free.


  • “Goggle keeps” never handle anything besides the most basic task management.
  • It does not Transfer groups of notes together.
  • There is no calendar view for to-do lists and tasks.

Download: iOS | Android | Web

Pricing: Free


5. TeuxDeaux

any do app

Neaux is somehow new to me though it looks genuine. this was created in a better way, along with with which look pretty huge, very clear fonts though this is in a clean non-flowery way.

Assignments are tendered out in a weekly view, relieving the top priority assignments or tasks which will be required to do for every day of the week. This is so easy to move tasks from calendars and grid and review it again.

The interesting part about this: completion of tasks which is done in a single row will occur the next day. This so exciting which people will love to get.

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Addition of repeated assignments can be done–with this you will not need to rewrite the same thing each day or schedule it out every single day. This pretty cool, also.

There is a confusion here? Teaux-Deaux charges itself as a “design” app in the App Store, That is they appreciate to creative types. One way they do is by adding a reduction in features to their tasks. It enables you to bold or underlines if it necessary in a little extra push.

TeauxDeux Features:

  • The tasks will move to the next day
  • There are Repeated tasks
  • There are designed smart lists
  • There is a reduction of price support


  • Present and simple platform are present.
  • Lot of text-formatting options are available.
  • The assignment or task move over function for repeated to-do list items.


  • There is no free version.
  • There is no mobile apps customization for your Android device.
  • It can never easily mingle with your team over tasks.

Download: iOS | Web

Pricing: $2/month or $24 annually


6. Things

any do app

Lists require a minimalist advance and render you a lot of clear space to attach details for your projects or duty. starting from a big list can be done and then add smaller elements underneath.

It just as if you are planning a big event–such as vacation–and need to do many things to make. As position as a task manager, it will access for more link also render you differentiate into more categories. The important of the starting point is that you can carry the entire set of tasks, get them approved to complete or change the due dates.

Checklists can also be gotten, just as if you’re arranging for a trip or enquire to make improvements.

This what you need to know: this also has an attraction button, that isn’t as wonderful as it sounds, this also has an easy way to add tasks, it doesn’t matter which category they occur in. Maybe you are a particular individual which make use headings, They are good clear cues to view progress–also the amount of work you have left.

This is present for only Macs and iOS. customization of mobile apps for Android devices has not been done.

What you need to know about Things Features

  • The Checklists
  • The Headings
  • It is simple to add tasks
  • It has Tags
  • It has Search
  • It has Natural language handling
  • It has Progress charts
  • It has a Touch bar rendering


  • It has better task sorting filters.
  • This can handle large task management.
  • It can sync with your iCloud account.


  • This can only bear with iOS and Mac –  There are no mobile apps designed for any Android device.
  • It will never transfer tasks with team members.
  • There is no free version available.

Download: iOS | Web

Pricing: $9.99 to $49.99


7. Wunderlist

any do app

This is a wonderful, perfect app which also looks accessible. it is very visible also has signal than typical to-do list software in an immediate format.

This is also very easy to share, a task list and duty with your partner, family or co-workers to efficient your life. This app tagline is “keep your life in sync.” it is one of the promises that an individual can get behind.

What do you need to know about this app? This app is very steady in moving into the project management area, along with assignments, file storage and also note-taking abilities which allow you to blend  Evernote, Google secures this with unraveled project management.

Together with, Microsoft purchased Wunderlist and has made Microsoft To-Do (this is stated below). It does not have a lot of meaning, You don’t need to put more effort into this at all

Features of Wunderlist:

  • It has Folders
  • You can comments
  • It has Due Dates
  • It has Notes
  • It has Tags
  • It also has a chrome browser extension


  • It has a better web app.
  • This remains in sync with your to-do lists over devices.
  • It is completely free.


  • This will never support advanced task management.
  • You can never add due dates for separate subtasks.
  • There is no calendar view for your lists.

Download: iOS | Android | Web

Pricing: Free


8. TickTick

any do app

This app tackles the power of local task management into an app-first platform or interface. It has larger abilities such as location reminders, voice input and real-time data syncing over the platforms or interface that aids stay in position in the track.

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Lists can be share which you need, your member can make use of this in a work environment which requires a little program that doesn’t have the entire bells and whistles. With their calendar, this is simple to allocate also control new tasks for definite times of the day.

 Features of TickTick:

  • It has folders
  • It has Smart dates
  • There is Voice input in this app
  • You can add Location reminders
  • It has Tags
  • It has Start and due dates
  • There are a lot of platform support


  • Comes with an in-built time tracker.
  • Can function as a good task manager for items.
  • Intuitive UI with drag and drop functionality.


  • Almost all the features are restricted to the premium version.
  • It does not combine with other task management apps.

Download: iOS | Android

Pricing: Free to $28.99 per year


9. Toodledo

any do app

This application is the best to fill the pothole part of your life, I think you get the right choice in choosing this app.

Try to build up your own workflow or work within their systems.

Toodledo entails member and people the freedom of task management in an online to-do list.

Although, the platform or interface views a little ugly which is similar to more cutting-edge tools.

 Features of Toodledo:

  • It has a Track habits
  • It has Outlines
  • It is very Smart in sorting
  • It has Tags
  • It has Hotlist priorities
  • It is Natural and has language processing
  • It has Reminders
  • It is good for Sharing


  • You can manage a bit of wide range task management with features like quick sorting and habit tracking.
  • You can built-in time-tracker.
  • It can help you synchronize with devices over the platforms.


  • Nearly approach features are restricted to the premium version.
  • The free version needs basic member cooperation abilities.
  • There is no lots of preset present in the templates for easy task list management.

Download: iOS | Android

Pricing: Free to $4.99 per month


10. Bear

any do app

Let me try to convince you that this is one of the best online to-do list software encounter note-taking app. This is very useful to add checklists, add detail to your tasks and take large notes if compulsory.

It’s perfect for throwing from the boardroom to the grocery store; This app is capable of this.

It is functional which links tasks, notes, and files altogether. Don’t get bothered about putting your tasks in the right place with that functionality.

This app allows you to manage the way you want also build lists for a few easy tasks. If you need to put together more than just a due date, I think the best choice you need to choose right now is Bear.

Features of Bear :

  • There are Rich text editing
  • They  have aid for images
  • They are organized with hashtags
  • You can select from multiple themes
  • You can create PDFs or Word docs
  • You can export to multiple files


  • With this app linking of multiple notes together is done.
  • They have a great interface with loads of customizability.
  • It can manage advanced markups.


  • They are only suited to Apple iOS and Mac.
  • Their free version isn’t very feature-rich.
  • There is a sudden learning curve for first-time users.

Download: iOS

Pricing: $1.49/month or $14.99 per year


11. Microsoft To-Do

any do app

It is created by the architect of wunderlist, It just somehow different. Actually, this is combined with Office 365, rendering you the privilege to part of the final productivity suite.

Creations of lists and add tasks from Outlook can be done.

Just for little people and teams, I think you will need to derive a better reason to switch over to Microsoft To-Do.

Require addition? This app renders you many of the design options to make up interesting appearances.

The top features? It was stated “My Day” emphasis list notifies you totally what tasks to take care of, classified not only by your due dates but also by color-coded labels.

This app is free and is an important participant to all the other online to-do list apps.

Features of To-Do App :

  • The task management is close to you
  • There are Reminders and due dates
  • It has a Daily focus list
  • It has notes
  • It has prioritized tasks
  • It has outlook integration
  • You can Share and invites


  • They aid syncing your to-do lists over many platforms.
  • It has an easy platform or interface.
  • This app is completely free.


  • Addition of repeated tasks cannot be done.
  • They need authentic task management abilities.
  • There are no features to collaborate with your member over tasks.

Download: iOS | Android

Pricing: Free


12. Evernote

any do app

Evernote is a bit troubled nowadays days, This is still part of the top options for an online to-do list app.

This app hashtagging system has transform notes as a way to order and it handwriting detection also search option is an amazing addition too.

Their WebClipper is also a popular option if you find yourself browsing and saving tasks and notes from the web.

In conclusion, This renders you an entire writing space to build checklists, meetings notes, grocery list and sync over the devices. It is efficient when you are working with your computer, then decided to signify from another thing on your phone later – This app helps you to get this covered.

 Features of Evernote:

  • It supports syncing over the devices
  • You can share with friends, family or coworkers
  • This can be saved from across the web
  • You can take notes in your own handwriting


  • It is full of third-party combinations such as Asana.
  • It is a simple cross-platform synchronization.
  • It has a better free version.


  • It needs complex to-do list management features.
  • It has a poor storage space on the free version.
  • It is very difficult to share files with non-Evernote users.

Download: iOS | Android

Pricing: Free to $14.99 for business


13. Google Tasks

any do app

Google Tasks may be the easiest option instead of Google Keep.

It platform or interface is dependable and keeps the same balance, minimalist top that Google keeps over its products. This app helps in building up lists, add subtasks and then position due dates. It subtask ability is something that you can’t acquire in Google Keep and many other apps charge for.

They have a list ranking that performs as a project list, with this you can build as many lists as you need.

Extra tip: build up tasks from emails is possible as well. it a dangerous feature examining the approval of Gmail for work and personal use.

 Features of Google Task:

  • It has subtasks
  • It has details
  • It has tasks from emails
  • It has due dates and notifications


  • This is perfect for easy-to-do list management.
  • This is a very simple platform or interface.
  • It is completely free.


  •  Complex task management cannot be managed.
  •  Calendar and tasks together cannot be print out.
  •  Team combination cannot be handled.

Download: iOS | Android

Pricing: Free


Conclusion: Try a Productivity Platform, Not Just a To-Do List App

What is the point features that the best to-do list app must have?

  • They set reminders
  • They manage tasks
  • It is an easy-to-use calendar
  • They track due dates and deadlines
  • There is team collaboration for co-workers and families


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