AOL signing up | AOL email signing up | Create AOL Account

AOL signing up  | AOL email signing up – Create AOL Account

AOL signing up – Signing up for AOL is a registration process which involves the users to fill in their personal details on a very secure platform. This process is generally free and does not require any fee before becoming a user or being able to access the AOL registration page. After an individual user carries out the process for registration of the AOL on his/her device, he/she will own an active AOL account

Advantages for signing up for AOL and owning an AOL Email account

Many advantages comes with after owning an AOL account, which makes a device owner wanting to carry out the signing up of the AOL account. There are many things a specific user can use its AOL account to do on its mobile or desktop devices. As long as the user know how to access and make use of the AOL products, nothing will be hard for them

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After the signing up for AOL account, the users will then be able to use AOL email services on their mobile phone or computer. It’s a fun service to use on this wonderful platform. Its free to use and access as long as a user owns an account on AOL which is a very good thing. The popularly web-based email serviced  known name on the platform is AOL mail.

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Another service that an AOL account can be used to access by the user is the AOL instant messenger which is popularly called AIM. This messaging tool is a very wonderful tool of the platform which is just like the facebook messenger app, twitter and others. It gives the AOL users advantages to make use of the messenger service in a very delightful manner

From the above, there are simply some things a user can make use of after going through the process of the AOL sign up. So, its generally left for a user who has has interest in web portal and online sign up for an AOL account. Mostly for users that are in search for lovely platforms so as to get entertainment services and news. With the help of an AOL account the users will be get this kinda service via

How to create an AOL account- signing up for an AOL Email

Due to the attractiveness of the AOL services, many device owners look for ways to carry out the process for signing up for the AOL account. Users in a situation like this have to visit the right place so as to get possible solutions. In other to do this, the users will need to connect their devices to an active internet connection. After they get this done, then the users can carry out the signing up for the AOL account with the aid of the steps below.

  1. The web browser on your device should be launched or opened.
  2. Use the URL your device web browser to open the website.
  3. Click on the sign up button at the top of the homepage
  4. Input your first name and last name
  5. Create a username of your choice and enter
  6. Create a password for your AOL account and enter
  7. Put in your date of birth
  8. Enter your gender[ either male or female ].
  9. Input your zip code.
  10. Select and choose a security question and answer for your AOL from the menu available
  11. Enter a valid phone number
  12. Enter a valid email address [ this is an optional step ]
  13. Then click the sign up button


you get all this done, the users will then complete the AOL signing up process which will earn them an active and valid AOL account. The users will be able to gain access to the AOL account mail services and AIM [ instant messaging service ] with their AOL account. The users are to keep their login details and informations to themselves, which comprises the AOL username and password to prevent the AOL account from having issues with hackers.


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