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Apple Siri | Learn How to Setup and Use Apple Sirij


Apple Siri | Learn How to Setup and Use Apple Sirij


Apple Siri is regarded as one of the most intelligent apps ever created by Apple. It enables iOS to operate the mobile device and its apps with voice commands.Thus Users can speak commands and get an audible response from Apple Siri.

You can command the phone to send messages, make calls, and more.Apple Siri likewise bolsters extended transcription, this permits users word into text in e-mail and text and in apps including Facebook, Twitter, and others.

How to use Apple Siri

  • Press and hold the Home button.
  • Alternatively just say “Hey, Siri” to activate Siri.
  • Then Start giving command or question.Apple Siri | Learn How to Setup and Use Apple Sirij

Enable/Disable Siri in the Settings app

iOS prompts you to enable Siri when setting up an iPhone. No worries on the off chance that you discover your Apple Siri application not working you can enable and disable it freely.

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  • Look down then, go to tap Siri and Search.
  • Next toggle on the switch for **Listen for “Hey Siri” to enable it.
  • Likewise, toggle on the switch for Press Home to connect Siri to the home catch.
  • Lastly, change on to enable Siri When Locked iOS device is locked.


Dispatch the Settings application.

Step by step instructions to set up “Hey Siri” On Your Device

  • To enable Apple Siri to respond even when you are not holding the home catch.
  • Look down on the setting and go to Siri and Search.
  • Turn on the switch for “Hey Siri” on.
  • Then tap to continueFollow the on-screen directions.
  • Tap Done.

Change Siri’s voice

  • To change Apple Siri voice or accent
  • From settings, Touch Siri and Search.
  • Go to Siri Voice.
  • Go to the accent section and select from: American, Australian, or British.
  • Choose gender: Male or Female.

Setup Voice Feedback

  • Dispatch the settings application and go to  Siri and Search.
  • Next, Voice Feedback.
  • Assess the alternatives:
  1. Continuously On: To enable Apple Siri to give an audible response even on silent mode.
  2. Control with Ring Switch: To disable audible response on silent modeHands-Free Only:
  3. To enable Siri to respond perceptibly just with the “Hey Siri” brief on a Bluetooth device, headphones, or in case you’re utilizing CarPlay.

Secure Siri with a Passcode Lock

Apple Siri can be used to operate an iPhone with no touch. Hence, it is indispensable to ensure that Siri is inoperative when the iPhone is on lock mode

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  • Open the Settings app your iOS device.
  • Go to Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID & Passcode.
  • Enter the device passcode.
  • Scroll down and turn off the corresponding switch to Allow Access When Locked.



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