First Bank ATM Card – Apply for A First Bank ATM Card

How To Apply for A First Bank ATM Card

First Bank ATM Card? Yes, you will get the process to follow in the application of the bank card process you planning of getting. However, how To Apply for First Bank ATM Card?  –  In this article of First Bank Atm card, our readers will be learning on how to apply for First Bank ATM Card at any branch that is close to you. Relax and read on…..

How To Apply for A First Bank ATM Card
How To Apply for A First Bank ATM Card

To Apply for A First Bank ATM Card;

After ‘opening a savings account’ with First Bank, it’s most likely that you will need an ATM debit card linked to your new bank account in order to enjoy the benefits of ATMs. Read First Bank Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019


You don’t really need any document or item to apply for a debit card for your bank account, as you needed for opening the account.

All you need to do is get the application form for a debit card from the customer’s service desk and fill the form, ensuring that the entered information are similar to those used in opening your bank account.

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In the form you about to fill, you would be needing to choose the type of debit card you want; whether ‘MasterCard, Visa or Verve‘. Though, Mastercard and Visa cards have the advantage of acceptance for both domestic and foreign online transactions, unlike verve that supports only domestic transactions. So you may want to choose wisely.

More About the First Bank ATM Card

Although, you can always apply for another ‘(extra) card ‘for the same account afterward. Meaning that you can use more than one type of ATM card with one bank account, but you will have to pay separately for each.

First Bank charges about ‘N1,000‘ to issue an ATM card of your choice in the application form to you. Therefore, you will need to have a minimum of one thousand Naira in your account for a successful application.

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A new ATM card would be linked to your account by the customer Centre. After which your card with be activated and your 4-digit PIN assigned to it by you – either inside the bank or at any of the branch’s ATMs.

Your PIN should be something you can easily remember and privy to yourself only, and/or those you trust; because your pin is one of the safety measures put in place by banks to secure your account and the money in that account.

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You can start using your ATM card for transactions after assigning a Pin to it.

You can visit the bank website here for any additional information regarding the Bank ATM application process..

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