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  1. How can reward center keep one on hold over an hour and no one comes on the line to assist. As I am typing this; this is the 3 time today I have called and had to hang up after 30mins and as I checked on my hold time now; it is 55mins and I am beginning to think there is no one working there.

    My name is Mar Chibundu, ph# 214.725.7003 account# 296082502. I was on hold for over 25mins and no one came on the line to assist. I signed up for Att cable & internet service back in June because of the gift card reward offer and never received it.
    When I called ATT yesterday; they gave me the Reward Card number to call that I should have received email within 30mins but I didn’t recall seeing such email and I have checked even my spam email storage and I didn’t see it.

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