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Become An Opay Agent | How To Become An Opay Agent


Steps To Become An Opay Agent in some Countries (Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa) for free.

Become An Opay Agent | How To Become An Opay Agent – Opay is a new payment era that is own by Opera and its a payment solution that one can get without stress. Lot of people have been thinking of a way to become an Opay agent by all means, but they are thinking of the question which they will be asked when becoming an agent, question like?

More so, There are some questions that is bothering people that want to become an Opay agent and some of the questions will be ask below.

What Are Possible Questions Ask To Become An Opay Agent

  1. “is it compulsory for me to register my company business name?
  2. What is the capital commission I need as an Opay agent in Nigeria?
  3. What is the capital commission I need as an Opay agent in Kenya also south Africa etc.?

Though this entire question are very relevant which need to be answered correctly to let you begin? Then if you really are interested in becoming an Opay agent, now you can go through this page.

What you need to know about Opay

What is Opay? This Opay website is for payment which is organized by Opera mini software, created to let the users pay bills, receive and transfer payment also making shopping, make payment for some products and service with this app on your mobile web browser which is known as opera.Become An Opay Agent | How To Become An Opay Agent

You can also do your everyday activities. It one of the important which Opay gives more protective and quick way of giving other characters.

Does Opay Agent Registration Require Payment?

There is no payment for Opay registration; the registration for this is done for free of charges on their official registration.

Will I Pay For Opay POS Device?

There is no payment made for Opay POS, this will be given to you immediately you have done your registration. Also if your application is been accepted by Opay you will become full Opay credible agent.

Is the Opay POS used for recharge card printing business?

The Opay POS cannot do this. However it is not meant for recharge card printing business. Though its function is not meant for this but if the customer need to do this he/she will get this done directly from his/her bank account when your card is slot in POS, when it is inserted follow the steps show in the POS to get your transaction done.

What is My Gain in the Capital of Opay?

If you need to become an Opay agent you won’t be given any capital “Operapay”

Due to other arrangement of making shop or office space, decorations and so on, all this are based on effort or capability.

Rate of Opay transaction

Opay mobile money agent will render a big chance to create income for you also your business. Now you can see the transaction fee below.

Transactions Nigeria (single transaction) Kenya (single transaction)
Cash transfer to any bank N32 per transfer KSh8.991
TV Subscription Free Free
Electricity Bill Payment Free Free
Buy Recharge Card Free Free


This payment platform will be the quick way of lot of legit money as an agent,

With this you will be able to calculate and rate you will be charging customer in your area.

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How to Make Money on Opay

Due to the service which was stated above in the table is still the same way of making money as an agent of Opay.

Step on How I can Become an Opay agent

This is an easy step which is simple to understand, it was also summarized below this platform

You can try to get this done by clicking on this link https://operapay.com/agent-signup or click here and as well follow the procedure below:

step 1Become An Opay Agent | How To Become An Opay Agent

Try to complete all the blank space shown to you on this platform given to you by Opay.

  • Tap on this link or copy and paste the link on your browser here
  • If you have an account with them before tap on “Yes”, if you don’t have an account before tap on “No”.
  • The next form you will have to do is to fill the form by inputting your name, email address, phone number also your location. Make sure your mobile device which you will be using is always active also your phone number is valid and your email address so any information can be reached out through the email address.
  • Tap on the sign up link below when you have fill out all this information correctly.

Step 2Become An Opay Agent | How To Become An Opay Agent

Before you are waiting for Opay staff to contact you, make sure you render this entire following requirement:

  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Any utility bill which stated at least three months close to the registration as confirmation of your address
  • Sample of your national identity card (ID), voter’s card, international passport, driver license.
  • Single passport of yourself.

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Try to get all the procedure done as you are patient for Opay to contact you. The requirement stated is the guidelines to become an Opay agent in Nigeria and Kenya.

Step 3Become An Opay Agent | How To Become An Opay Agent

What you have to do next is to download the opera Opay app. Now just go to your goggle playstore which is on your android phone and then start with the first step.

Or try to make use of these steps to get in touch the Opay app on your goggle playstore through your mobile device.

  • Try to get it on your goggle playstore
  • Try to make use of the search bar to input the name of “Opay”. The logo will appear as shown in the picture above which is done by “Opay digital services limited”. Be assured it showing the same picture and details as above.
  • Tap on the install icon shown, wait till it download finish.
  • Now all is done, tap on open

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  • You will see a welcome page “welcome to Opay”. What you need to do first is to choose your country, now put in your mobile number. A message will be sent to you that require code for you to continue the process.
  • Tap on next
  • Immediately your phone will synchronize automatically with OPay, this is only when the SIM card is inserted with the phone which you use in the installation of the Opay app, with this code might not be required to continue this process online. Though an SMS will be forwarded to you. If you don’t have the SIM card inserted in the phone which you are using in making the registration, the code will be required to continue this process.
  • Try to make the “about you form” completed, put in all your necessary details correctly to avoid any error.
  • Now tap on next
  • Now you have been directed to an “set up PIN” page, the code which you will be inputting in the space provided is a secret code which you need to know personally and it should not be known by other party. This PIN will be used in making all your transaction online.
  • Tap on create pin.
  • Go into your email address to get your account verified for full registration and approval. Though you will be notified on your mobile screen if the message has been sent to your mobile device.
  • Get access to your email, tap on the message which was sent to you by Opay, tap on the confirmation link, message will be sent “thank you for verifying email which will be shown on your screen.

Step 4 get: your POS machine also other available materials for the business

With all this process done you should have been contacted by opay, however this does not take so long to do, you need to get in touch with them and get your POS.

Make sure get the full information on how to get this done for your business also to distribute to others.

Be notified that you will be given the POS for free of charge, make sure you don’t patronize tout.

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Step 4:  now get started

Now this final stage which you need to start up business, with this you can now render services also as making money and trying to be an entrepreneur on your own.

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