List of best Android File Manager Applications

The Best Android File Manager Applications. Applications for file management in the android platform are almost the same. What distinguishes a great file manager from ordinary ones is just that additional feature. That alone make a file explorer stand out. Here are detail on some of the best android file managers.

  • The Astro file manager
  • The Ol file manager
  • The X-plore file manager
  • The Solid Explorer file manager
  • The MiXplorer file manager
  • The File Commander

The Astro file manager as an Android File Manager

Android File Manager

This is one of the best managers cloud storage functionality. Its interface offers a wide range of options and functions all related to copying, managing and general file browsing. Its cloud functionality combines file transfer and management both on the device and online. Download it here.

It also features some advanced options. These include:

  • The archive function
  • Application management
  • Task killer

The Ol File Manager as an Android File Manager

Android File ManagerThis manager supports a range of file formats. Some of the best known ones include the Zip files and APK installers. In addition, it supports emails as well as linking to Google drive. The concept and approach behind the Ol File Manager is clean and smooth. However, it is important to note that it does not support all file formats. It is simple to use and very convenient. Download it here.

The X-Plore file manager as an Android File Manager

Android File ManagerThis manager is free of ads. It is basically a great package with impressive performance. Its interface offers a two column view. Together with its design, the X-Plore file manager guarantees its users a pleasant experience.

It has cloud functionality which makes it easy for users to access online albums, videos and databases while still working on their device.

The Solid Explorer file manager as Android File Manager

Android File ManagerThis is one of the latest managers and is indeed very easy to use. It features a double panel display which allows for easy navigation. You can easily copy files across folders by dragging and dropping. It has a crisp and intuitive UI, thanks to its simple design and interface. Download it here.

This manager is integrated with cloud storage solutions that are vital for your everyday use. Some of the cloud services included in the Solid Explorer include:

  • The Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive

It is a freeware, though you can get a premium version at an affordable rate.

The MiXplorer  Android file manager

Android File ManagerThis is a delicate blend of other file explorers put into a single app. Though it is conspicuously absent in the play store, this application has a sensible material design, and is absolutely free. It supports up to 19 file storage services in addition to file copying and cutting. Tap to download.

The File Commander as a best Android File Manager

file commanderThis is one of the best android file managers. Its popularity is attributed to its simple design and ease of use. This is very obvious from the get go. Its interface features only the basic components; video folder, pictures folder, documents folder, music folder and downloads folder. The file commander makes it pretty simple to view and access all the files and folders in your hand set. Tap to download.

These are some of the best android file managers. You can download any, install and start experiencing file browsing like never before.

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