Best Paying Ponzi Schemes You Can Still Count on!


Best Paying Ponzi Schemes You Can Still Count on!

Best Paying Ponzi Schemes You Can Still Count on! – Hello Readers,  we recently Published an Article on the COMPARISON among  “Paying | Loopers, Twinkas, 247helpers, Donationhub ” We were surprised of the responds from our Readers. If you missed you can READ here. On that note, we concluded that Our readers should take these Paying Ponzi Schemes here seriously and Stop giving your hard earned Money to Scammers.

We believe and Confirm that the following Ponzi Schemes Still Paying base on the facts below:

a. Twinkas Best Paying Ponzi Scheme!

Our Readers confirmed that Twinkas still alive and Paying her members/Participants and Investors. We suggest to you all that without hesitation, you can all still trust Twinkas as a Paying Ponzi Schemes SEE Comment below:

Best Paying Ponzi Schemes You Can Still Count on!















b. WazobiaClub Best Paying Ponzi Scheme!

WazobiaClub Launched recently and on that day, pays all her members immediately. During the process, as a result of server load, the delay of payment started yet as among the Best Paying Ponzi Schemes. But to our notice, Some of the members Claimed that WazobiaClub paid them when they referred friends b’cos , the people they referred got paired and their own account yet to be paired. On that note, you can open new account at wazobiaClub and you get paired immediately.


c. LooperClub Best Paying Ponzi Scheme!

You all know the recent disaster that happened to LoopersClub, before that they have been among the Best Paying Ponzi Schemes. When member’s accounts were hacked and as a result of this disastrous event, Members Lost their Previous account Confirmations, Account details etc. You can Read about the disaster HERE, Update2  etc.

Last week, there was an updates regarding Payment and /timing for Merging that members. The Timer disappeared and most member account exceed the stipulated time and yet to be merged. Loopersclub huge all her members to Re-Provide help again before they can get their previus payment out. With these, some members were paid and still paying up-till Now.


d. SuperNaira Best Paying Ponzi Scheme!

Wow! By now, so many of our readers will be wondering what we have to say about SuperNaira. Well we got paid Last week and we are waiting patiently for the second person that will pay us. Some members complaining of not getting paid, while others said they are Scam. From our own point of view, due to high increase in Ponzi Schemes now, slow down merging of most Ponzi Scheme. Our conclusion is, guys be patient and wait patiently. If you feel and believe, SuperNaira has finally stop paying her members, please let us know.

Best Paying Ponzi Schemes You Can Still Count on!

e. Cashspina Best Paying Ponzi scheme

Hello Guys, we all know and heard of Cashspina which is among the Best Paying Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria now. Cashspina recently remove timer on all her members Dashboard to reduce panicking of not been merge on time. But the goodnews now is that; Cashspina presently on Promo and she is given all her members 300% of their Donation. Wow! Amazing right? So if you have not join, then you are missing.


  1. Cashspina has not been paying for quite sometime now since they removed the queue number. They have not even matched me after providing a donation since 16th February, 2017.Has any body been matched or paid recently?


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