Beyonce New Album To Feature Adele, Mariah Carey & Kanye West? Alleged Tracklist Leaks


Beyonce new album, titled “Formation,”This could either be the best thing to ever happen or the most noticeably bad April Fool’s joke we’ve ever experienced.


A spilled collection discharge is as of now make its rounds on the web and filled her adoring fans with anticipation. And it claims Beyonce will be discharging her profoundly expected new album, titled Formation, to Tidal clients on April 1.

Additionally, the 14-track collection will professedly include joint efforts with Adele, Kanye West, Mariah Carey

As indicated by this spilled discharge, her new album will be discharged on Tidal on April 1. One week before a wide discharge on April 8.

It appears to be conceivable, considering Beyonce is one of the establishing individuals from the music spilling administration. However, the April Fool’s Day discharge date abandons us feeling tired..

On the off chance that the discharge ends up being precise. Beyonce’s new album will highlight joint efforts with Adele and in addition Jay Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Frank Ocean.

She may even be discharged music videos for each of the new songs, as she did with the arrival of her latest collection in December 2013.

As various Twitter clients saw. The video count on her Vevo page is recorded at 117, yet there are really 130. So that implies there are 13 unaccounted for, and since Beyonce as of now discharged a video for “Development,” one of the tracks off her new collection, the 13 recordings unaccounted for would go towards the staying new tracks.

We certainly hope this release turns out to be true! We’d love to be listening to her new songs this weekend.
Hopefully this news will be true and not a bad April fool’s joke and i also hope it will be a record breaking album

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