Bitcogate | Made 53.08 Bitcoin within month-Must Read! 53.08 Bitcoin within month -Must Read!

{This is a sponsor Post} – A better platform has been launched. It is Bitcogate is similar to zarfund but 1000x better than Zarfund. Below are the reasons. been 1 Link Team made Nigerians and other part of the world to abandoned every other Ponzi Scheme. is a financial opportunity that will bring financial freedom to thousands of people who are striving to be better than their financial state.Bitcogate | Made 53.08 Bitcoin within month-Must Read!

The dynamic team of leaders at BitcoGate understand that daily 9-5 jobs can barely pay the bills at the end of the month, let alone grant people the gift of financial freedom.

BitcoGate is a Bitcoin member to member donation exchange platform where members voluntarily give donations and receive donations. It is a peer to peer, direct funding and donation sharing platform. We believe in creating financial independence without the risk of a massive outlay of money or recruiting.

No central account. Donations are sent from individuals to individuals. All donations are made securely via Blockchain Bitcoin wallets and authentication.



The Hot program is called Bitcogate . Bitcogate is a team-based work, person – to – person funding program platform with just 1 LINK for all the members. Bitcogate Company that started this month but as at today, it’s had gained Two thousand plus (2, 200) members. Wow! Sound great. Just within a month with this large number of members all over the world. What a substantial unmatched grounds of Investment in the world have seen. Also reasd how i made 1.4M within 4 Days


As have said earlier, Bitcogate is all about team work. Yes! ‘1 LINK’ Team-work and the start-up capital is 0.02 bitcoin and you smile to the Bank soonest.

  • When you join BitcoGate, you join a community of like-minded members who desire to better their lives financially
  • while symbiotically helping others to gain the same financial freedom.
  • You willingly donate 1 payment per level to your upline sponsor, which will be provided automatically to you upon joining BitcoGate,
  • using our unique “1 LINK” system. This means that you are not required to recruit people because you will receive spillover members,
  • helping to grow your downline and fill all your levels rapidly. The matrix is a 2×5 matrix, meaning that 2 people will be required to fill your level 1,
  • 4 people will be required to fill your level 2, 8 people will be required to fill your level 3, etc.
  • There are no recurring payments (daily/weekly/monthly payments), allowing you to sit back and watch all your levels fill up
  • until you reach your final goal of 51.2 BTC, without the pressure of paying a subscription. You can read the video below: — ”To create a Bitcoin Account. How to Fund your Bitcoin Wallet -Must read the article HERE.”

Note: All it takes is 0.02 BTC to register. Our unique “ONE LINK” system means that you are not forced to recruit members under you, by just registering you will receive spillover members as well as donations from other members who join BitcoGate.

Now in Bitcogate program you only need 0.02btc referrals (It’s called the power of “1 LINK” system). You do not need referrals at ALL, Yes, Noneed of referrals, only signup here only. Also read how to create Bitcoin Wallet on


Level 1-: 2 x 0.02btc (paid by your two direct referrals) = 0.04btc (you upgrade to level 2 with 0.03btc) profit = 0.01btc or $10.85.00

Level 2-: 4 x 0.03bitcoin (paid by your referrals referrals) = 0.12 bitcoin (you upgrade to level 3 with 0.05 bitcoin) profit = 0.07 bitcoin or $75.95.00

Level 3-: 8 x 0.05 bitcoin (paid by your referrals referrals) = 0.4 bitcoin (you upgrade to level 4 with 0.2 bitcoin) profit = 0.2 bitcoin or $217.00

Level 4-: 16 x 0.2btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 3.2 bitcoin (you upgrade to level 5 with 1.6btc) profit = 1.6 bitcoin or $1,736.02

Level 5-: 32 x 1.6btc (paid by your referrals referrals)  = 51.2 bitcoin or $55,553.00

Bitcogate | Made 53.08 Bitcoin within month-Must Read!

Summary of these points are:

*Register and donate with only 0.02 BTC to start your journey to financial freedom!

*All it takes is 0.02 BTC to register. Our unique “ONE LINK” system means that you are not forced to recruit members under you, by just registering you will receive spillover members as well as donations from other members who join BitcoGate.

*With Bitcogate  you have total control of your money, you are your own bank, and you receive and also make the donation. All your funds are in your bitcoin account.

*Share the link with your friends and family. 30,000 projected signups monthly guaranteeing each member 55 BTC.

*Nobody at all have access to your money not even Admin.

*Bitcogate don’t pay you, members pay you. Bitcogate is just the platform.

This new business in town offers endless possibilities and you can make so much with the ‘1 LINK’ Team.

To join the ‘1 LINK’ Team, send me a message on WhatsApp  OR CLICK HERE

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  1. I couldn’t agree more just made it to level 2 in few days unlike my almighty Zarfund account that expired because of subscription renewal…and what’s worse is all my DLs lost to the system

    I will give bitcogate 100%

  2. Been in this system for some days now, and am really glad I joined now, bitcogatehas helped in realising my dreams…. Now I have the necessary funds needed for my business and I still have lots more for any other thing…. Bitcogate pays.

  3. Truly #bitcogate rocks, let us all #tweet about it on #tweeter and share about the wonderful #leverage bitcogate offers … the top is where we all heading to! $20 is all that’s required to join the bitcogate family!

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