Monday, November 29, 2021


Blackberry Users|don’t update Facebook App.

Blackberry Users do Not Update Your Current Facebook Application.

Blackberry Users. This is an important information to all BB users… we earlier reported that Facebook will remove their supports for BB. Hence, your Facebook app will seize to functions from 31st of March, 2016. But the truth is, an update was rolled out few hours ago. Once you update your Facebook app, it will no longer function as expected.

Blackberry Users|don't update Facebook App.

Do not update your Facebook app on your BB phone. It will scatter to the normal website link. This is indeed a confirmation that the two most powerful and popular application in the world has finally turned their back on BB.

What if I’ve already updated to the latest?

Just restore your backup of Facebook application or restore your device to the initial and you’ll have the pre-install Facebook app back. If you failed to restore your BB to initial stage, it will scater like the image below. Blackberry users

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