Branch App Loan Money Anytime Anywhere – Download Branch App Loan

Download Branch Loan App Anytime To get Loan Approved On Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Window Phones

Branch Application Loan Money Anytime Anywhere: When you are stuck in a financial emergency, the final resort for some, people have been requesting loans from banks despite their high-interest rates. Nonetheless, with the presentation of different mobile loan providers in the nation, you can in a flash and right away get emergency credit at low interest. One of such platforms that reduce the need to reach out to lending establishments is the Branch Loan application.

Branch loan is produce of Branch International. To get any credit from the financial organization, you should have their mobile application which is freely accessible from different application stores. Things being what they are, how might you install Branch loan application on your mobile phone or even your PC/workstation?

Branch Loan Android Application | Branch Loan App For Android

Android Operating system is based on a modified Linux Kernel version and was developed by It is open-source software, and that is the reason most smartphones and tablets of today keep running on it. Other than your smartphones, the OS is likewise used in savvy TVs, watches, and Auto autos. The Branch loan application download procedure for Android is the simplest compared to IOs and Windows OS.

Branch App Loan Money Anytime Anywhere - Download Branch App Loan
Branch App Loan Money Anytime Anywhere – Download Branch App Loan

Instructions To Download Branch Application For Android

Below is a comprehensive guide on how you can download the loan application from esteemed pages. No coding or any technical awareness is needed here.

Make sure you have not restrained foundation information. When you are connected to any Wi-Fi network begin with step in number 2, information users, ensure that you have unblocked the alternative the processes will be running on the foundation. On the off chance that you deny them the access to information, you won’t be capable to download the Branch application.

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To taxi information expenditure without restricting foundation information, go to your undertaking manager and stop ineffective applications that are devouring your information bundles.

Next, open Google Play Store.

  • Search for “Branch”: You can use the search enclose available the highest part of your screen. Type in your keyword and after that press the search button on the store. Sit tight for a few seconds depending on your internet connection for the results to be prepared. Once you locate the branch application, click on it with the goal that it opens.
  • Click on the visible “install” button. A popup message will appear encouraging you to accept the application’s permission. Click on the “Accept” button.
  • Your download will begin consequently after a few microseconds. Hang tight for like a minute or so depending on your internet connection speed so that the application can be downloaded. Please note that you don’t have to install it on your device yourself; Google will do it for you! It is savvy to hold up until it is completely installed before exiting so you can be able to tell any errors as the process continues.

On the off chance that you can’t reach Google Play Store, make use of other trusted Android application stores, for e.g, Apkmirror, Apksfree, and uptown to download Branch.

Step by Step Instructions To Update The Branch Application For Android Devices

Seldom, Branch may add new features to improve its security and speed. These features are necessary as they fix bugs. Use the following simple steps to update your application.

  • Permit foundation information and present your Play Store application.
  • Open the application menu. Click on the three (3) dashes on the upper left side, a menu with different choices will appear. Move to the next step.
  • Tap on “My applications and games”. This is ordinarily the second alternative in the menu section after “Home.” Give it a while as it naturally filters your machine to determine which applicants need to be renewed. After the output is complete, look down till you see Branch application. In the event that you don’t notice it, then this indicates it is modern so exit Play store.
  • Tap the “Update” alternative. In the event that you need to update, press it so it opens in a new window. Tap on the update button and hold up as it downloads the updated parts.

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In the event that you downloaded from other outsider application stores, open your browser and go to their website to check for the latest updates. You should remember the version number of your current installed application. For instance, you may have Branch version 3.0.1, and after that when you go to any of those application download stores, you discover that the newest version is 3.0.2.

Branch Application On iOS – iPhone Devices

iPhone nowadays is less interchangeable with “Smartphone.” This is because it stands out from different mobile phones, for example, Samsung, etc. It gives a sleek, user-friendly design with the fast perusing speeds ever. Downloading an application on iOS devices can be challenging at times. Nevertheless, with the guide below, it’s a piece of cake.

Instructions To Download Branch Application For iPhone Devices

On the off chance that you are presently utilizing any of the following iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 8, eight in addition to, 7, 7 in addition to, 6s, 6s or more, SE, 6, 6 or more, and 5s models, follow the procedure below:

  • Launch App Store from your Home Screen: Make sure that you are signed in with your Apple ID. If not signed in, register for one; otherwise, you won’t be able to download the app.
  • Click on the “Applications” alternative at the base of your screen. A list of categories will be unveiled, choose the proper one. Alternatively, you can make use of the base search button to discover it in the Apple Store quick. Type “Branch” on the search box.
  • Tap on it. When you see it, click on it with the goal that it opens on a new web page.
  • Click on the “Get” button and afterward select the “Install” choice. The application is accessible for free, so you needn’t bother with any assets to purchase it.
  • Authenticate the application installation. Tap as an afterthought button twice and afterward take a gander at your device screen. You will get an alternative that clears the download.
  • Sign in with iTunes to achieve your download on the off chance that you don’t have an iTunes account to pursue one.

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Step by Step Instructions To Update Branch App on iOS Devices

Having the newest application on your iPhone is consistently a reward. However, warning of updates can regularly irritate you. Despite this, installing them helps you. Here are the means by which you can easily update your application:

  • Launch the App Store.
  • Click on the “Updates” symbol: The image is visible on the base right side of your iPhone’s screen.
  • Update the application: Scroll down till you see Branch application. Tap on its update button.
  • Enter your iPhone secret phrase: You will be directed to enter your phone’s secret phrase before your download can commence. Do as such and hang tight for simply a few minutes.

Branch Application On Windows Phone | How To Download Branch Loan App On Window Phones

Microsoft produced Windows Phone (WP) for smartphones. It uses a new interface that is obtained from the Metro design language. This indicates Android or iOS applications can’t be installed on the phone. Things being what they are, how might you install and use Branch application for Windows phone?

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  • Go to the application Market place: Scroll down from your Start screen till you see the alternative.
  • Click on the “application”: A new window with numerous sections of WP will be displayed.
  • Tap on the “Search” button and after that type Branch and hang tight for a few seconds for the search returns.
  • Click on Branch’s symbol.
  • Tap “Install”: You can clearly see the choice at the base of your WP screen. The application is available for free, so you don’t need to fill in your details or set up an account.
  • Affirm the application installation: The phone will remind you of the publisher and the name. Tap “alright” to begin the download. Your WP will commence the installation. You can exit and do other businesses on your phone as you periodically check the progress.

Once it is completely installed, you will discover it on your device homepage. You would now be able to stick it on the begin menu or destroy and drop it to a fitting place where you can access it quickly. Branch application

Branch Application on PC | How To Download Branch Loan App On PC Laptops

You can immediately run Android applications on your workstation/Windows desktop by utilizing android emulators. This software generates an environment that can enable you to install an Android application from the Google Play Store. Here are the means by which you can enjoy the Branch loan application on enormous screens.

  • Install your Android emulator: We recommend Nox Player or Bluestacks. You can basically download them from their official websites.
  • Run the android emulator: Right-click on it and tap on the open alternative.
  • Download Branch from Play Store: Use the steps for installing Branch application on Android. So also, for updates use the same process since the emulator operates on Android OS.

The Most Effective Method To Get Branch Loan Application Downloaded & Registered | How To Register & Download Branch Loan App

At this moment, you have successfully installed the Branch loan application, so how would you apply for a snappy loan? How would you check your loan limit? Try not to stress since we got you covered.

  • Before getting any loan, you should have an existing Facebook account, a Safaricom mobile number, and your National ID/Passport.
  • Open the application: This ought to be the very first step. Make sure your Wi-Fi or information connection is on.
  • Use your legitimate and authority Facebook account to sign in/register: Branch just permits one account per customer. The branch will retrieve your Facebook profile.
  • Round out the loan application form: After you fill every one of the entries, submit for review. Sit tight for a few seconds as your loan application is being reviewed.


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Apply for a loan: Wait for approximately two hours before applying for a loan. You will be supplied a loan point of confinement depending on the information received on your phone and other factors.

Branch application receives information, for example, Mpesa logs, contact joins, GPS information, call logs, and SMS logs.

The Most Effective Method To Repay Branch Loan Application Process | How To Pay Back Collected Loan Of Branch Loan App

You can quickly pay your credit through Lipa na Mpesa menu on any mobile device. Follow the steps that appeared below to pay any extraordinary loan accurately.

  • Open your SIM toolbox.
  • Go to Mpesa and select the “Pay bill” choice.
  • Use the compensation bill number ie 908608.
  • Now Enter the phone number of the sim card you used to request the loan as the account number.
  • Enter the sum owed in addition to any interests that are accumulated. Check the sum due to utilizing their mobile application. Moreover, you can pay in little bits until you at long last clear the loan given that you pay on time.
  • Enter your Mpesa secret pin known to you or password and press the OK button.
  • Verify the transaction to be sure.
  • In the event that the payment was successful, you would receive a confirmation message.

Click on “My loan” button from the principle menu to check all your payment details. Every one of your installments sum due and due dates have likewise appeared on that page. Branch application

Branch App Loan Contact Office | Branch Loan Application Contacts

Physical area contact address for Branch Loan App | Branch loan application is: Chiromo Road, Westlands, Nairobi

Facebook handle: branchkenya

Twitter handle @branch co.

Phone number: 0727643092

Email address:

Official website:

Customers can visit Branch Kenya physical offices from 9.00 am in the first part of the day to 5.00 pm in the evening from Mondays to Fridays to get your problems sorted. You can also reach out to customer care representatives on your branch loan application through the following method.

  • Open your Branch loan application.
  • Click on the application menu image and look down.
  • You will observe a “Customer Care” choice simply under “Loan History.” Tap it, and afterward, a new page will be loaded.
  • Type in your grievance, feedback or queries then send. Branch application Customer cares will respond in a few seconds to your message.

Unquestionably, the Branch loan application is the best mobile loan lender in the nation. It gives its consumers a chance to earn extra cash through affiliate advancement. Furthermore, the application is regularly updated to fix bugs. This has enhanced the user experience over time. To experience every one of these benefits, install Branch application on your mobile phone today.

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