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TechBuhari hidden secret|No light No fuel

Buhari hidden secret|No light No fuel

Buhari the hidden secret|No light No fuel

By Anifowoshe O. Rilwan. Mr. President Buhari-The hidden secret No light No fuel. What is transpiring in this nation when there is no light before we know we come to shortage of fuel.

Buhari hidden secret|No light No fuel

In spite of the fact that there is no climb in the cost from the filling station however the general population purchasing it from them putting the value (they are called bootleg market).

Buhari hidden secret|No light No fuel

The business person are mourning what is going on even the transporter are regretting (No fuel No traveler)

What are we now saying, so their for we are utilizing this medium to collaborate or call to MR BUHARI to take care of this lack of fuel and the issue of no light.

Since the rich individuals are not affected in this issue the main individuals influenced it’s the required individuals. So Mr. Buhari the PRESIDENT you have to go to the (LCL) low class level and consider the less privilege. Buhari with the hidden secret, No light No fuel

 Buhari hidden secret|No light No fuel

We all know how Buhari lambast jonathan, past leaders for neglecting refineries last year march 3, 2015.

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, and former head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed outrage at the current fuel shortage that has lingered nearly a week, criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan and past Nigerian leaders who failed to fix the refineries. Buhari with the hidden secret, No light No fuel

Mr. Buhari said past governments, and Mr. Jonathan’s, left Nigeria at the mercy of fuel imports by failing to fix the refineries.

He recalled that two of the four refineries in the country were built while he was petroleum minister in the 1970s.

“The countless man hours that will be spent at petrol stations today, will reduce our productivity as a nation.

“In my time as NNPC chairman and Petroleum Minister in the late 70s, 2 of our 4 refineries were built, and domestic consumption catered for.

“But over the last several years our refineries have declined, and we are at the mercy of imports,” he said.
The fuel scarcity, one of the most serious in recent years, entered the sixth day Tuesday despite assurances from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC), that petrol will be made sufficiently available. Buhari with the hidden secret, No light No fuel

As the shortage bit harder Monday, the corporation and the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, (PPPRA), announced that a billion litres of petrol will be imported in March to take care of a shortfall in supply.

The government however insists it has sufficient stock of petrol to last through March. It accuses marketers of either refusing to sell or diverting the product.

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party, said the sabotage was instigated by the All Progressives Congress, an allegation the opposition party strongly rejects.

As at last year, Now the inquiry is that is it still All Progressive Congress, (APC) are they still behind the damage of the fuel shortage in Nigeria.

Buhari with the hidden secret, No light No fuel


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