Bumble App – What is Bumble, How to Create Bumble Account


Bumble App – What is Bumble, How to Create Bumble Account

Bumble App – What is Bumble? Yes, all you need to know about Bumble and it’s features will be split out in this article. The Bumble is a social platform for finding or making new friends and also dates. The platform is location-based. It facilitates communication between two individuals (users) who are interested in each other.

Bumble App - What is Bumble, How to Create Bumble Account

Bumble is a service for all to use, there’s no sex discrimination. To get on, all you need is to create an account utilizing your Facebook or number. Want to know more? Then read on, as I will be showing you how to create an account on the platform.

What is Bumble – Bumble App

The question is; do you understand what bumble is all about? Some users keep asking and wanted to know what Bumble is. It was conceived or launched out of the desire to reinvent the antiquated rules for dating. The platform empowers women by enabling them to control conversations. Both in dating, networking and also finding new friends. It has made it necessary and acceptable for women to make the first move. This is very significant in the side of women. Bumble is a safe and simple platform for individuals t connect in friendship, dating, and networking.

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It is a fresh option for anyone looking for relationships, it could be romantic, business or platonic ones. Online dating hasn’t been made any easier for women than with Bumble.

How Does Bumble Work and Who Can Use it?

Bumble works in a simple and safe way. It focuses on your location. Instead of frowning because of finding distant friends or dates, you would discover potential matches who are in your area. And that makes it easy for you. The fact that platform connects with your Facebook doesn’t mean it would post to your account. Because not everyone wants their dating app use to be shared on Facebook.

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It can also be used to access your Facebook profile for your Age and also to gather your pictures. It uses the swiping movement, swipes directly for like and left for dislike (reject). The platform works for free, yet for additional features, you would need to pay for a membership.

Bumble is open for all to use. Whether you’re searching for romantic relationships, just friends or business partners or professionals.

Features of Bumble App

One of the major features I love about Bumble is the three categories included in it. Bumble Date, Bizz, and Bumble BFF. That is to say, it very well may be used for making friends, finding new love or business professionals. The choice is yours. In any case, aside from that, there are still some awesome features. Here are some great features of the platform;

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Women are made in charge of conversations.

Bumble is free to use with optional paid memberships.

For all to use. It isn’t for just heterosexual couples.

Verification goes to a whole other level.

There is more you can discover on Bumble. First, download the app and sign up for an account.

Bumble App

Bumble is the smartphone application of the desktop version. It offers users with better and faster navigations. The app makes the connection easier. Bumble app is actually the first of its sort to bring dating, discovering friends and business into one place. The app is free to use download. It is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices.

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How to Download Bumble App

To download the app, follow the procedures below;

  1. Launch the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and type in Bumble.
  2. The result of the search would be loaded immediately, tap on the first one.
  3. The information page of the app would be loaded.
  4. Tap on “Install”.

Accept the permissions requested if any to commence the download. Once the download is complete, sign in to the account or basically create an account if none.

How to Create an Account

Creating an account on this platform is free and equally fast and simple. The platform uses Facebook, Phone number or email ID for signing up. Follow below to sign up;

  • Launch the app or visit Bumble.com.
  • Select the “Sign in with Facebook” option.
  • They will request you to open your Facebook, tap on “Open”.
  • Grant Bumble access to your location and notification.

Immediately, this done, your profile would be loaded. Decide to use Bumble Bizz, Date or BFF and start chatting.

  • Sign Up Using Number;
  • Make use of the app by accessing it and then choose the “Sign Up with Number”.
  • Fill in your Phone number and tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Enter the code sent.
  • Confirm that you’re Human via the captcha and hit on “Continue”.
  • Then confirm a new code sent again.
  • Create a password.
  • Provide your name and indicate your Date of Birth.
  • Select Gender and upload a photo.
  • Allow Location access.
  • Accept or Agree to the Guideline and Terms of Use.

The profile would be created, all you have to do is select “BumbleDate, BFF or the Bizz”. Swipe through and start meeting new people.


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