Buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans Ever in Nigeria – 2017/18


Buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans Ever in Nigeria

Buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans Ever in Nigeria  –  Cheap! Cheap!! Cheap!!! Do you know you can buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans? Do you know that you also trade Bitcoin and earn money? Just sit back and read on. You all know as part of our custom to bring you all our readers best and concrete info at your disposal. This article will show you all where you can buy cheapest mobile data plans in Nigeria. How you can make money with it as a student and as a worker too.

Buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans Ever in Nigeria - 2017/18
             buy cheapest mobile data plans

What you about to discover  now is; you can buy MTN 1GB as low as #550. Airtel 1.5GB as low as #900. Etisalat 1GB as low as #650. And lastly, Glo Data plan as low as #900 for 1.6GB/3.2GB. Is that not amazing? You all see reason why this article is as important as other Mobile data Plans?

Buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans Ever in Nigeria

On this site, there are other opportunities like Bitcoin Trading/Mining, Cheapest Bulk SMS etc.

They offers divers services like sales of Affordable Internet Data Plans, Buying and Selling of Bitcoin & Perfect Money, Bulksms services, Bills payment like GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES etc. They offer all products and services at affordable rates which gives their members the priviledge of not only enjoying them but also making money thereof.

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How to Buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans, Bitcoin and Earn with it

Let’s take for instance. Michael, a member of the site, buys data from them at #550 per gig. As a student, he decided to be retailing the data plans by selling to his colleagues at #600 or #650 per gig depending on his decision. By so doing, he makes #50 or #100 per transaction. If he has 10 transactions per day, that makes him #500 or #1000 respectively on daily basis which is equivalent to #15,000 – #30,000 per month without any stress.

Not only that, Michael can decide to be retailing bitcoin. Yes, Retailing Bitcoin. He buys from them at less say #380/$ and sells to people @ #385/$. If he’s able to sell upto $1000 per day (which is quite possible) That makes him a profit of #5,000 in a day.

Above Illustrations best explained how you can make money through the buy of cheapest mobile data plans, bitcoin and finally earn from it.

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To Buy Cheapest Mobile Data Plans Ever in Nigeria – See Below Table

Below table showing all the cheapest mobile Data plans you can leverage on. Grab the one that is of your network.


  • 250MB = #200
  • 500MB = #300
  • 1GB = #550
  • 1.5GB = #850
  • 2GB = #1,100
  • 3GB = #1,650
  • 5GB = #2,600
  • 10GB = #4,800
  • 15GB = #7,300
  • 20GB = #9,700

    90 Days Validity Etisalat Data


  • 250MB = #250
  • 500MB = #350
  • 1GB = #650
  • 1.5GB = #1000
  • 2GB = #1250
  • 3GB = #1900
  • 5GB = #3100
  • 11.5GB = #7000
  • 15GB = #8850
  • 27.5GB = #16,000

    30 Days Validity


  • 1.6GB/3.2GB = #900
  • 3.75GB/7.5GB = #1,800
  • 5GB/10GB = #2,250
  • 6GB/12GB = #2,650
  • 8GB/16GB = #3,550
  • 12GB/24GB = #4,450
  • 16GB/32GB = #7,000
  • 23GB/46GB = #8,600
  • 30GB/60GB = #13,000

    30 Days Validity


  • 1.5GB = #900
  • 3.5GB = #1,800
  • 5GB = #2,250
  • 7GB = #3,150

    30 Days Validity Airtel

How do I get started and enjoy this Cheapest Mobile data offer?

It’s very simple. Just register on this website HERE or HERE, fund your wallet, then you can buy data or bitcoin for yourself or anyone else at anytime, any day.

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