CA3 NECO Result Issue | Solve NECO CA3 2019 SSCE Result

CA3 NECO Result Issue | Solve NECO CA3 2019 SSCE Result Issues – Pay Late CA3 PAyment For CA Upload

CA3 NECO Result Issue Meaning: Candidates who had written school NECO Exams June/July category and when checking the exams online and you got an error of CA3 and you are wondering what is the meaning of CA3, thinking your result is canceled or hold. However, the National Examinations Council (NECO) had released the meaning of No CA3 and also how all affected NECO candidates can solve the ‘No CA3′ issue and get it resolved without delaying their various school’s admission.

In this article, we will be discussing the way to resolve ‘No CA3 issues’ that come up by candidates that are trying to check their 2019 SSCE June/July result. Therefore, the meaning of ”NECO No CA3′ and how we can get this question resolved in explained herein!

CA3 NECO Result Issue | Solve NECO CA3 2019 SSCE Result
                                  CA3 NECO Result Issue | Solve NECO CA3 2019 SSCE Result

What Is The Meaning Of NECO No CA3?

Following the release of the National Examinations Council (NECO) Results for 2019 June/July SSCE, we discovered that quite a number of NECO candidates have been asking about**what is the meaning of No CA 3** and how the issue can be resolved.

On that note; the National Examination Council (NECO) had officially addressed the issue via her official twitter timeline. See full details below.

NECO is ‘CA 3’ Acronym Means?

The acronym CA3 is Continuous Assessment for students of 3.

What does it mean by The ”No CA 3”?

The meaning of No CA3is that your school did not upload your continuous assessment 3 on the NECO database and by such result of the affected candidates will not be released by NECO until its resolved.

How can I Resolve No CA 3 Issue?

The No CA 3 issue is simple to resolve. However, affected candidates can get the issue resolved by visiting the office where you registered and wrote NECO SSCE June/July Exams. You will be asked to pay N20, 000. 00 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only) for the last submission of your Continuous Assessment and the payments must be made into NECO TSA ACCOUNT.

How Schools Can Your School Make Payment for Late CA 3 Submission?

In case your school did not upload your CA 3 at the appropriate time you’ll be required to pay a late fee charge before your school can upload your CA3.

however, the fee for the late CA 3 for upload can be found here and this payment is compulsory before any candidates are allowed to check their results.

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Steps To Follow payment for late No CA 3:

  1. Log into your SSCE internal account with your username and password.
  2. From your dashboard, you can either click on the Make Payment button or use the Payment button located on the side menu to begin purchase.
  3.  Select the CA 3 option and click on the Submit button.
  4. You’ll be redirected to the Remitta web payment page to complete your purchase.
  5. Once your purchase is successful, you’ll be able to upload your CA 3.
  6. Schools are required to launch the offline application and enter each Candidates CA 3 that was failed to be uploaded previously.


everything into account, candidates can’t do anything to solve the issue. Contact your school to do the needful as specified by NECO.

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