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331 – Cashkito Gives 100% Return – Cashkito Gives 100% Return   – is a “Peer To Peer” trusted platform and legally registered multidisciplinary, secular, non-for-profit, non-sectarian and non-political NGO founded by CeeKay Enterprises.

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Cashkito Vision is envisioned to help the needy and maximize income of participants. We desire a greater impact for our communities.

Cashkito Mission

Our mission is to promote innovative peer-based wellness strategies that will help the community grow and financially balanced. will make your dreams come true by doubling your investment.

Your Financial Freedom

Making Money Is A Happiness. And That’s A Great Incentive. Making Other People Happy Is A Super-Happiness.

CashKito Packages Plan

  • N5,000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Wallet (new) *
  • Cash Out (new) *
  • N10,000 Return Investment
  • N10,000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Wallet (new) *
  • Cash Out (new) *
  • N20,000 Return Investment
  • N50,000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Wallet (new) *
  • Cash Out (new) *
  • N100,000 Return Investment
  • N100,000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Wallet (new) *
  • Cash Out (new) *
  • N200,000 Return Investment Frequently Asked Questions

What Is is a “Peer To Peer” trusted donation platform with the aims of members helping each other in a mutual way to get double return of investment. is legally registered multidisciplinary, non-sectarian and non-political NGO founded by CeeKay Enterprises.

What Is The Aim Of

Our aim is to create a platform that gives all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher standard of living.

What Makes The Packages On Different?

The different packages are designed to accomodate a specified investment amount. The higher the package, the more money you invest. Hence, the more profit you make.

Who Can Join

Anybody of any age and sex can join Equal benefits and donations are assigned to all.

Is Running Multiple Accounts Allowed?

Yes, you can run multiple accounts, but you must run them with different usernames and email addresses as those are unique in the system.

How Much Does Setting Up An Account Cost?

Setting up an account with is absolutely 100% FREE! No charges whatsoever!!

How Long Will It Take To Get Downlines/Feeders To Pay Me?

The time it takes for you to get downlines to pay you depends on the flow of new users in the system. To shorten this timeframe, this is why we introduced the autocycle feature which forces new and existing members to keep investing in the system while retaining their profits of course. Downlines are assigned to pay usually on or before 7 days!

How Can I Join

There are two ways to join

Firstly, In the event where you are not refered by anyone, you can head over to, select a package to invest under and fill out the simple registration form there.

Secondly, You get invited by an existing member via his/her referal link. After clicking the referal link, you will be redirected to a page where you select a package you want to start investing under. Then, you will be taken to a registration form page where you fill a simple registration form. This process takes less than two minutes. After successfully filling the form, you will be granted access to your dashboard where you can start investing.

How Referral Wallet Works

We have put up systems to properly reward our members that are active in bringing new people into the platform. Referral bonus in 10% and it is only on the first payment made by your referral. You will not receive referral bonuses from subsequent payments done by your referrals, only the first one.

When you have 10,000 naira or more in your wallet, you can withdraw. However, you can only withdraw from your wallet in batches of 10,000 naira.

To further reward active members, when you have 25 or more “active” referrals under you, you earn triple instead of double for life. This means that if you have 25 or more active referrals, and you subscribe to the 10,000 naira package for instance, instead of you to receive 20,000 naira, you will receive 30,000 naira. This stays on as long as you have 25 or more active referrals.

How Many Packages Can I Subscribe To At The Same Time?

You can only run 2 packages at the same time.

How Do I Receive Payment?

The downlines the system assigns to pay you will make payments via the bank account details you provide while filling the registration form. They can proceed to make payment either via bank deposit or cash transfer.

Is Legal?

Cashkito is a multi-level interpersonal organization where individuals who will help each other deliberately, will join with their details. Also, the registered members from Cashkito have a bound together monetary relationship, and this has demonstrated the motivation behind why Cashkito is not a subject of legitimate relations thus the Cashkito community can’t be illicit. Giving cash by one member to another is not disallowed by either universal or nearby lawful frameworks.

I Have Made Payment But My Payment Has Not Been Approved?

Cashkito is a timed system. Members are given 10 hours to confirm payments made by their downlines (provided valid evidence of payment has been uploaded). Once this time frame elapses and there is still no approval, the case will be automatically moved to the Cashkito Court where judges will preside over the issue and reach a verdict to confirm or cancel the payment based on the statements and evidences provided by you and the member you were matched to.

Help!!! The Downline Assigned to Pay Me Refused to Pay

Keep Calm, there is no need to worry here. Once the time assigned to a downline has been exhausted, the system will block the account of the downline and assign a new downline to pay you within 24 hours.

How The Court Helps Protect Against Fraud

In CashKito, we strive to protect our members from all kinds of fraud. When a case is brought to court, the jury presides over it and reaches a verdict based on the evidences brought forward by the affected parties. There are only two instances in which a case will be moved to court:

The feeder has paid the receiver and the receiver has 10 hours to confirm the payment. However, the receiver for some reason doesn’t confirm the payment. When the time for the receiver to confirm the payment elapses, the case will be moved to court.

The feeder uploaded proof of payment which the receiver sees. But the receiver marks the payment as scam. The feeder is given 6 hours to properly sort out the payment. When this 6 hours elapsed and the feeder doesn’t properly sort out the payment, the case is moved to court.

What Are The Time Frames?

We have suited the best time for you and on daily basis. Look at them below:

Monday – Fridays [24 Hours]. This means that on Monday to Fridays, you have only 24hours to pay your sponsor when merged.

Saturdays [72 Hours]. This means that on Saturdays, you have only 72hours to pay your sponsor. This time elapses on Monday, giving those that can’t do mobile/atm transfer opportunities.

Sundays [48 Hours]. This means that on Sundays, you have only 48hours to pay your sponsor. This time also elapses on Monday, giving those that can’t do mobile/atm transfer opportunities.



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