Cheapest Data Plans | Android iOS & PC Users June 2019

Cheapest Data Plans | Android iOS & PC Users June 2019Cheapest Data Plans June 2019 – Information is genuinely life that is the reason we generally pay special mind to new cheapest data plans that won’t dive a hole in your pocket or cost users more of their hard earn money. More so, this article is base on the Cheapest Data Plans for android iOS & PC users as of June 2019.

However, nothing much has change over the most recent 30 days, just for the certainties that Telecommunications that introduced strange and costly data plans are losing customers with no time. So, sit back to see the latest cheapest data plans for this month June, 2019.

Cheapest Data Plans For MTN NG Customers:

As a MTN user, you needn’t bother with anyone to tell you that your data sim ought to be different from your typical everyday sim. Your data sim ought to be eligible for double data subscription offer otherwise, you are advice to get a new MTN sim.

Every new and existing MTN sim are eligible for the cheapest MTN data offer that is seen below:

  • MTN 4GB for N1000 (30 days legitimacy)
  • 250MB for N100 (3 days legitimacy)
  • 1GB for N200 (7 days legitimacy)

To subscribe to the mtn cheapest data plans for iOS and PC users, kindly dial 13165# or 13165*2# to subscribe to your desired package. 75% of all MTN SIMs are eligible.

Also you can dial 1314# if you want to check your MTN data balance

Cheapest Data Plans | Android iOS & PC users June 2019 – MTN Night Plan

MTN night plan on Pulse tax plan has been a life safer until when it was reviewed descending to 125MB for N25 and 250MB for N50. Subscribers were upset and decided to forsake the arrangement and the subscription completely.

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However, MTN has decided to review the arrangement again upward presumably because they are losing pulse levy customers; you would now be able to get 250MB for N25 just as 500MB for N50.

To subscribe to MTN night levy plan, dial *406# and reply with 4.

On the off chance that you are a heavy data user, and you need something significant, then I’ll recommend you go for an outsider data reseller here.

Cheapest Data Plans | Android iOS & PC users June 2019 For Airtel NG Users:

For Airtel users, you should need to consider Airtel binge as it is the most recommended arrangement on Airtel Network at this moment.

Airtel Binge

Airtel Binge is a new arrangement that offers subscribers 2GB for N500 usable on any devices. Or then again 1GB day by day for N350. The legitimacy period is 24hours.

Step by step instructions to Get Airtel Binge 2GB for N500

Recharge your line with N500 and dial 141504#.

Airtel Data Plus

Airtel NG introduced a new package a month ago called data in addition to. The offer gives you extra free airtime when you buy data. For instance…

  • N300 gives you 200MB + N600
  • N500 gives you 500MB + 1000
  • N1000 gives you 1GB + N2000 (legitimacy is 14 days)
  • N2000 gives you 3GB + N4000 (legitimacy is 30 days)
  • N5000 gives you 7.5GB + N10,000 (legitimacy is 30)
  • N10,000 gives you 17.5GB + N20,000 (legitimacy is 90 days)

Do I Get This offer?

Dial 1542#

Talk More Plus

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On the off chance that you need more voice, you get;

  • N1500 + 50MB for N300/7days
  • N2500 + 100MB for N500/7days
  • N5000 + 300MB for N1000/14days
  • N10000 + 1GB for N2000/30days
  • N25000 + 3GB for N5000/30days
  • N50000 + 5GB forN10000/90days

Dial 1541# to get any of your desired package.

Cheapest Data Plans | Android iOS & PC users June 2019 For Glo NG Users:

The disaster that simply happened to Glo is the presentation of 1GB for N300 and the legitimacy is 24hours. This isn’t nice and I won’t be utilizing it anytime soon because it’s a complete waste of money. Atleast legitimacy ought to have been something like 3 – 7 days.

Glo special Data plans

To enjoy the best cheapest data plan on Glo network, you need to get a new Glo sim that is eligible for OgaSim double data offer if your ordinary sim is never again eligible. As a subscriber on Glo network, N1000 data will just give you 1.6GB with no reward. Be that as it may, with OgaSim, you get extra reward of 2GB data.

On the off chance that Glo network is superb in your area, then you can bear the torment of getting new glo SIM, and enjoy all the OgaSim and Yakata extra offers.

Dial *777# to choose your desired package.

Cheapest Data Plans | Android iOS & PC users June 2019 For 9mobile NG Users:

On 9mobile network, the best data to go for is 1GB for N200. Just dial 92910# to get activated… dial *228# for data balance. Fortunately, it doesn’t waste or vanish immediately. See how you can be eligible below:.

How to Subscribe to 9mobile 1GB for N200

Simply dial 92910# to get activated… dial *228# for data balance.

Remember, validity for this plan is just 3 days; but you can re-subscribe again and again when your existing plan expires. In 30 days, you can get 10GB for N2000 as for the calculation.

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