Check Iphone Xs Imei | How To Check Iphone Xs Imei & Locate Serial

How To Check Iphone Xs Imei -To Locate Iphone Xs Max Serial Number

How To Check Iphone Xs IMEI  – Various way are stated to check your iphone XS IMEI maybe to find your serial number it also said this ame way. This step can also be use when you want to search for your iphone XS Max serial number. Just like the fingerprint, tongue print maybe facial ID for identification, it not for dual people which think it the same process the IMEI or Serial number works for every device.

How To Check Iphone Xs Imei  | About Imei

It was stated in a full length which was stated as international mobile equipment identity, this IMEI is unique with 15-17 digit numbers which is used to recognize GSM, WCDMA also IDEN mobile phones also with some space station phones.

This can be used by GSM networks to identify valid devices; to also trace stolen phones also deactivate anyone from getting your network.

How To Check Iphone Xs Imei  – Steps To Check Your Iphone Xs Imei Also Find Your Iphone Xs Max Serial Number

Various ways to get the details of checking your iphone serial number also break down will be stated here.

How To Check Iphone Xs Imei  | First Step- By Settings

  1. Go to your iphone settings-general after scroll down and click “about”
  2. Try to move down, where you will find your IMEI also other specific numbers or serial mobile device.
  3. If you need to copy this number, tap then hold down, this will copy on the clipboard.

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How To Check Iphone Xs Imei  | Second Method- The Sim Tray

 Maybe the step which was stated is not helpful; you can try to remove your SIM tray which is beside your iphone XS, your IMEI number can be found on the tray.


How To Check Iphone Xs Imei  | Third Method-Through Itunes

 This can be found through ITunes, try to go through this step below:

  1. You will need to open your ITunes on your laptop/PC
  2. Try to get your IOS device connected using your cable.
  3. Try to find your iphone on ITunes now tap on summary tab to check more information
  4. Tap on phone number to view your Iphone XS or XS Max IMEI

How To Check Iphone Xs Imei  | Fourth Method- Using Ussd Code

It one of the fastest way of finding your IMEI all you need is to dial *#06# immediately your serial number will appear on the screen.

Now all this process is done and you can’t get your iphone serial number, all you need to do is to visit the Apple ID page then sign in. move to devices section then find your iphone, you will get your IMEI.

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