How To Check Your BVN Number Through Mobile Phone

How To Check Your BVN Number Through Mobile Phone  –  A few years back, the Federal Government of Nigeria made it compulsory for every bank account owner to register for a BVN code. BVN is an acronym for Bank verification number. In this post, you will learn how to check your BVN number from your mobile phone.

Some banks gave out a card containing the BVN code to customers while some only sent the code as SMS.

This code works on all Nigerian network providers (MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel).

How to check your BVN number

Simply take out your mobile phone and dial 5650#. The BVN number will be displayed on the screen. You could write it in a safe place for future use.

Please note that the phone number used in dialing this code must be the one used in registering for the Bank verification number.

Also, note that your service provider will charge you about ₦15 to check your BVN number through a mobile phone. Ensure that you have enough credit before checking.

Other Important Things You Need To Know

The Bank verification number is a unique 11 digit number that is specific to a single entity. Two different people cannot have the same BVN number.

Once you have registered for the Bank verification number, you should link your BVN with your various bank accounts to enable you to perform seamless banking transactions. Some finance apps like Alat and PayLater will also require your BVN number to function properly.

Do not give out your Bank verification number to the wrong people. Always make sure that the app or website you are entering your BVN code is authentic.

Ignore every message telling you to send your BVN number for a specific purpose. Most of this numbers come with normal phone numbers eh 080311508765. Your Bank will never send you an SMS with such numbers.

If you were opportune to have the card containing your BVN number, always keep it safe with you. Do not allow it get into wrong hands.

Apart from your bank account number, your BVN is your national banking identity. You should protect it at all cost.

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