CLONEit App | How to copy files from Android to Android


CLONEit App | How to copy files from Android to Android

CLONEit App  –  If you need to transfer files from your old device to a new one or from your friend’s phone to yours, the right app to do that is CLONEit App. CLONEit is an app that allows you copy anything and everything from one device to another with ease.

CLONEit App allows you transfer files like Contact, Call logs, Messages (SMS and MMS), Video, Music, Photo and many more.

How to copy files from one device to another using CLONEit App

  • The first thing to do is to download the CLONEit app on google playstore and have it installed into both Android devices (it is absolutely free to install) after the app is installed on both devices, the sender does not need to make any changes but the receiver needs to make some changes so that the app can install automatically without encountering any issue.
  • Enable the option to install apps from unknown source. The option can be found under the “Security” settings. For the convenience of users, the app adds an auto install script to the “Accessibility” options. This option needs to be turned on so that all apps can smoothly install on your phone. Read Also: How To Copy Files To New Laptop/PC – Tutorial
  • Now back to the app on both devices and click on the sender and receiver button of both device. The phone acting as a sender will automatically start a hotspot and the receiver will have to search and connect to the sender’s device directly. Once both devices are connected, you will see the sender’s phone name in the receiving phone radar, all you need to do is just to click and confirm the phone icon to let the transfer process begin. Also Read- Download Clear Scanner | How To Download Clear Scanner
  • After the above procedures, you will be prompted to select the things you wish to transfer and CLONEit App covers it all. You are also allowed to select specific items manually if you did not want to select the entire file.

Please note that if you prefer to transfer text messages with CLONEit App, it would be selected as the default handler for your messages because of Android limitations, the changes will be changed once the transfer is completed.

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  • While starting the transfer, one of the things you must take note of is the contacts and apps. If you use Google to synchronize your contacts and you have set up the account in a new phone, you may want to omit contact transfer or you will end up with identical contacts.
  • To be sure all has been done as expected, reboot the phone.

Why is CLONEit App the best to use?

CLONEit App is better than other apps when it comes to copying of data. There are some reasons why CLONEit App is the best to use.

  • It is free to use without limitations
  • It does not require any data cable or Wi-Fi hotspot. The only time hotspot is required is when the sender connect to the receiver which the hotspot will automatically on
  • It includes the one-tap app install script where all new apps will install automatically
  • Complete privacy is guaranteed as none of your data is uploaded to the clouds

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