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clubhouse app : Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat


 clubhouse app: Clubhouse is an request only audio-chat iPhone app established in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. that ease auditory communication for groups of a few individuals up to over 5,000 people. At the period of May 2020, the social networking app was valued at nearly $100 million.


Part talkback radio, part conference call, part Houseparty, Clubhouse is a social networking app depend on audio-chat. Members can listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions within  interesting people on a lot of topics – it is just like changing in to a podcast but live and with an added layer of exclusivity.


Currently, Clubhouse is available only as an iOS app, and its rooms can’t be accessed via Android devices or the Web. … Not similar to as Twitter or a Facebook group, Clubhouse rooms aren’t done with free-for-alls.


As long as , Clubhouse dating has been active for 22-year-old Flossy Brand, who hosts several rooms on the topic. “My experience with dating through Clubhouse has been amazing.” That is not limited to dating themed rooms, she love the fact of connecting in various ways on the platform.



How Clubhouse works

Clubhouse creates a place where people can meet up to host, listen to, and in some cases, join conversations within the app’s community.

When you open the app, you’ll be presented with a list of rooms, as well as a list showing who’s in each room. You can join the room by tapping on it, or start your room.

So far, most Clubhouse rooms have a TED Talk vibe, with one guest speaking and everyone else listening. Other users can join the conversation when deemed appropriate by a moderator, but depending on the chat, this can be rare.

There are always dozens of conversations occurring at the same time, permitting users to jump between subjects and speakers depend on their interest.



 How to Set Up Your Clubhouse App Profile

Similar other social media apps, Clubhouse allows you a profile that will inform others a little more about user and what user have to render.

For your profile photo, you can select a photo from your camera roll or make use of your camera to allow a new photo. Whichever method you select, select a photo that:

  • Reveal your face, ideally smiling and framed well inside the photo.
  • Looks good in several sizes. This photo will be seen throughout the app, sometimes with your name and sometimes by itself. The clearer your photo is, the more identifiable you’ll be.
  • Has a clear background with contrasting colors. The background colors on Clubhouse are white to an off-white and light beige, which are nice and neutral so your photo can stand out. Having a bright background in your photo can really allow your profile pop when checking at a sea of profile photos.

Clubhouse allows you plenty of room to write out a finish bio. The first three lines (roundly 125 characters) are present as a preview while in rooms on the app, allowing those the most important words in your bio.



How to download Clubhouse

  1. Go to your phone store to get it downloaded
  2. Its just any easy way to get things done on your smart phones
  3. Just click on the link which will be given to you here in this article




download club house for iPhone by clicking HERE


For Android

download club house for Android by clicking HERE 



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