Collect Original WAEC Certificate | Guidelines to Collect Original WAEC Certificate

Collect Original WAEC Certificate | Guidelines on How To Collect Original WAEC Outcome and their Price

Collect Original WAEC Certificate – let speak about how to acquire the unique WAEC certificates or the fee it price to acquire it? On this submit, I’ll speak about intimately how to acquire the unique WAEC certificates and the fee.

WAEC is complete identify is understood for West African Exam Council. this was once presented via regulation to behavior and award exam certificate within the strategy of English talking of West African nations, to the ones of an identical exam our bodies international.

The WAEC unique certificates is the same to the remark that colleges gentle or kind additionally acceptable to the net printout. now, sooner than going additional let me transient out the pattern of the unique WAEC certificates. See the image beneath:

Collect Original WAEC Certificate
                  Collect Original WAEC Certificate

this has been mentioned that the specific quantity of people that wrote their WAEC checks as of the yr of 1960 are but to acquire their unique WAEC certificates.

confusedly, numerous individuals who have gained their very own did so after they wanted it for crucial instance in truth, this does not sound, proper?

How a lot does it price to acquire unique WAEC certificates?

due to the reality of the creating prime collection of unreceived certificate, WAEC fees applicants for receiving their certificate in line with how lengthy it awaits of their place of business. The fees stand up from N3,500 to N23,500.


Price of Gathering WAEC Original Certificate

The associated fee is base at the length which your effects wait for within the WAEC place of business:

  • 0 to 4 years: N3,500
  • 5 to 9 years: N8,500
  • 10 to 14 years: N13,500
  • 15 to 19 years: N18,500
  • twenty years and above: N23,500.


the place do you fall?

perhaps you fall into more than a few years which you belong to, you’ll want to settle for your certificates once imaginable to steer clear of furthering the following class of fees (charge).

Now, you understand the fee to obtain your WAEC unique end result, let cross directly in discussing how you’ll be able to acquire your WAEC certificates. However sooner than that allow’s speak about WAEC just a little.



WAEC conducts 4 other classes of examinations;

  1. World Tests: This examination is popularly referred to as WASSCE, it happens concurrently in 5 West African nations, which is set three times a yr. Those  are:
  • WASSCE for Personal Applicants (January to February).
  • WASSCE for Faculty Applicants (March to Would possibly)
  • WASSCE for Personal Candidate, MAIN GCE (September to October)


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  1. Nationwide Tests: This examination is controlled in person nations;
  • Junior Secondary Faculty Certificate which is for Nigeria and the Gambia,
  • Junior and Senior Top Faculty Certificate Examinations which is for Liberia,
  • Nationwide Number one Faculty and Fundamental Schooling Certificate Examinations which is for Sierra Leone,
  • Fundamental Schooling Certificate Examinations which is for Ghana,
  • Senior Faculty Certificate Examinations for Ghana.


  1. Tests collectively performed with different analyzing our bodies: WAEC additionally controlled checks in corroboration with different analyzing our bodies equivalent to:
  • Town and Guilds of London Institute
  • Royal Society of Arts


  1. Tests performed on behalf of alternative analyzing our bodies: WAEC additionally controlled global checks on behalf of alternative analyzing our bodies together with JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board) exam which they controlled in nations outdoor Nigeria.



certain that your Date of Delivery can be proven to your WAEC unique certificates, additionally WAEC would now not imagine any request for correction of date of delivery after freeing effects.

Now, let’s speak about deeply on how you’ll be able to acquire your unique WAEC certificates.



How To Collect Original WAEC Certificate

Possibly you’re from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia or Liberia you’ll be able to obtain your unique WAEC certificates with out obtaining any problem.

please, bear in mind that WAEC orders 3 more than a few WASSCE in a yr as you will have taken notice of this above.

Anyway, due to the exam kind, WAEC unique certificate are at all times able for assortment inside twelve months the remark of effects is out.

For college applicants (inside WAEC applicants), you’ll obtain your certificate from their specific faculties. The main points and costs for the gang range from faculty. Then, it’s your precedence to test the necessities in your faculty.

For personal applicants, you’ll be able to acquire your certificates from the closest WAEC place of business.

Make sure you get the awareness that you are going to be requested to make a fee in case your certificates has been up to 3 years from the date that was once launched. WAEC states the cost as ‘custody charge’ and the quantity will depend on the length of your certificates that was once stored in WAEC’s custody.



Necessities For WAEC Original Certificate Assortment?

You’re anticipated to get the next paperwork amongst different issues.

  • Utility letter
  • On-line end result printout
  • Identification Card
  • A passport {photograph}
  • A testimony from the Top Courtroom


When you’re gathering your certificates, be sure to do not make any strive of laminating(the usage of nylon to duvet it)? You’ll be able to stay it safe via hanging it on clear water end up document to steer clear of it from injury.

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