Connect A Screen – How To Connect A Screen On Your Laptop

Connect A Screen – How To Connect A Screen On Your Laptop

Connect A Screen  –  If you need to add another screen to your laptop which you want a bigger place which you need to show your work, here I will love to give you tips on how to get this done easily.

Some laptops do not have much port which you can get your system connected to them such as: HDMI, VGA, DVI, maybe DisplayPort. Although few new ultraportable might accept an adapter which are not given in the box.

Maybe you own a laptop/PC; you get this connected to your monitor, now go through the ports which is at the back end that is same on your screen.

Maybe you don’t have a screen, now select the one with an input which is same to your laptop/PC output. This might be positive to add and match few of the digital options. Let say: if you need to convert DVI to HDMI together with a basic cable. You can never convert VGA which is the analogue to HDMI which is the digital.

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Latest laptops might have USB-C port which is known as Thunderbolt3. It also same with the physical connector that you get on new android phones. This can be returned also you can get a USB-C to HHDMI cable or USB-C to DisplayPort that is based on one of these inputs your screen make use of.

Connect A Screen | Steps To Configure Your Second Screen In Windows

Now the screen had been connected, you will have to configure you windows so you can make use of both screens. Now we are making use of windows 10.

  1. Always, if your screen comes up, your window we get this automatically discover it then enable it. If nothing appears on your screen, click on the button to choose the actual input. Usually automatically the switch will be input to accept video signal, it not all that does this function.
  2. Tap start, settings then system. Now the display menu will be shown this is the default to get the settings such as: orientation, size also brightness.
  3. They are different ways which have to be display on every of the two screens.
  4. Duplicate: second monitor will be on your display screen.
  5. Extend: the monitors will display the window desktops on the two screen
  6. Show only on 1 or 2: a single of this will be use, tap on identify to check the function one.

What you can do to switch between these modes, just get a function key at the top row of the keys which appear on your laptop that displays two monitors. Tap on the Fn key then the function key then it must toggle in different configurations just like: laptop display only, laptop + external screen only.

  1. When you select the “extend these displays” also move your monitor to the diagram to where it is displayed. Maybe the resolution is bigger; rectangle will be display larger in the screen. This can also be place at the bottom edges line up; you might decide to have the same area at the top also bottom: this depend on your choice.
  2. Reduce the resolution for both screens to give the best of the quality of text also video display on the screen. Now go to the display menu, tap advanced display settings. Make an assist with the drop box to modify the screen resolution. . It recommended making use of window resolution for every display.

If you need this for screen that have high resolutions, maybe you want to use the “change the size of text” apps also other items slider to assure all is simple and clear. The settings is just 150%-250%.

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