Consultants at Save the Children Nigeria

Consultants at Save the Children Nigeria – Consultants are needed at Save the Children Nigeria organization. The job opportunity is open for those that are interested in working with Save the Children Nigeria organization as a consultants to be his/her career. Details of the job are explained below.

Consultants at Save the Children Nigeria
Consultants at Save the Children Nigeria


  • Organization: Save the Children Nigeria
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Date Posted: Oct 18, 2017
  • Job Type: Full time Consultant

Consultants Job Description

Save the Children Nigeria ongoing recruitment for suitable and qualified applicants to fill the position of Child Friendly Spaces Review and Assessment Consultant.

The Position is based in Nigeria.

Duration: This assignment is expected to take place 14 working days

Consultants Job Tasks and Deliverables

  • Develop methodology and assessment tools based on current Child Friendly Space Guidelines, Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, Child Protection Rapid Assessment Tools and Child Friendly Space Quality Assessment Tools
  • Review proposals, reports and budgets from all CFS-related projects
  • Review recommendations of past CP TA trips
  • Conduct interviews with a selection of stakeholders (CFS staff, parents, SC staff, partners, multi-sectoral experts, etc.)
  • Hold Focus Group discussions with children in various age groups
  • Deliver presentation on key recommendations (for new modalities of implementation)
  • Develop capacity building plan for CP, CFS and ECD staff


  • Assessment work plan and tools
  • Assessment report on Child Friendly Spaces with recommendations
  • Presentation to Emergency Team on key recommendations (including cost model for “new” CFS


  • Extensive experience with child protection in emergency responses
  • Demonstrated understanding of recovery and sustainability issues
  • Critical and creative thinker, capable of analyzing complex information and producing creative solutions
  • Experience in advocacy and development of new programming ideas
  • Knowledge of Child Friendly Spaces


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