Convert Video to Mp4 | How to Use VLC Player to Convert Video to Mp4

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Convert Video to Mp4 – VLC Media Player | How to Use VLC Player to Convert Video to Mp4

To Convert Video to Mp4 Videos can be challenging. There was a time when I wanted to fix a video file as a result of the format of the video. At this point, there will be a need of trying or searching around on how to convert Vidoe to Mp4. converter

Though the windows media player you have on your Laptop PC at times won’t play a particular video that you wanted to watch, the preferable Player that is a VLC media player, owned by VideoLAN can play the entire type of any media file, through MKV to MOV. You can as well make use of this easy to convert videos to other formats such as MP4 files. It is very helpful when you need to watch a movie that you made on your mobile devices such as your iPhone or maybe your Android or any other gadget device. Now you want to know how to make the conversion from VLC to MP4, just be patient and get along reading this post.

How to Make use of VLC to Convert Video to MP4

  • You will need to convert this from the media menu

Now you need to click on your VLCsoftware that is on your laptop or phone then tap on the media menu also tap on the convert/save image or key.

Convert Video to Mp4


  • Now you will need to choose the Video that you Need to Convert


Making use of the add button, then tap a single video or all the video to get it converted.


  • Now Choose the File Name that the Video should be Converted to.

Now in your aim box, you will need to choose the place and the name for the video file that you want to convert

Convert Video to Mp4 | How to Use VLC Player to Convert Video to Mp4

  • Now Choose the Video Format for the Conversion

Below your profile, you will need to select the target format through the list of formats.

With this player, you will easily convert videos to various formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV or DivX. Tap on this link to the checklist of the video file format that VLC supports.

Maybe you need a video for the main device, present optimized profiles along with optimal settings for resolution, codec also framerate.

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  • Now choose the Advanced Settings for your Video Conversion if you need this as an option

Through making use of the menu with the tools image or picture, changes of the settings for the landing-place format that is the place you need to save the video to adjust by itself.

Now you will need to select the supported video codec also audio codecs of your output file also have access to the entire advanced options such as resolution, framerate, bit rate also audio quality.

Convert Video to Mp4 | How to Use VLC Player to Convert Video to Mp4
Convert Video to Mp4 | How to Use VLC Player to Convert Video to Mp4

Along with this special filter, you Can decide in changing or optimizing the video or maybe audio formats when the conversion process. For instance, turning off the recorded videos to 90˚ or maybe add a watermark or a logo.

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  • How to Convert Video to MP4 Format

 Maybe you have selected the entire settings, tap on the start icon to start the conversion. This VLC media player captures the film in the best format in the file folder that you have chosen. At the end of completing the conversion is based on the video length, selected settings and also the speed of your laptop or PC.Convert Video to Mp4 | How to Use VLC Player to Convert Video to Mp4

Along with the batch conversion, you need to watch the progress in the timeline when you are playing the video.

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