PDF Document Password Protect

PDF Document Password Protect
Creating Password on document is a more secure way of protecting your Content or Information you have on your document from other users. Password could be in any form such as Alphabets, Numbers or Symbols. When a Document has Protected in other words to access the Document. You need to enter the secure code or litters as it was created. That makes It more save secure from hackers.

How to Password Protect PDF Document From other Users. 

If you have any private Information You want to send to a particular person. Protecting PDF file with Password is very important. It only take some easy steps. All you need to have is to get Adobe Acrobat Pro software installed on your PC. Adobe Acrobat Pro is use basically for Creating PDF Document, Editing, Create Form, Combine file into PDF and Get Documents singed.

PDF Document Password Protect

How to Encrypt PDF File.

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat Pro software.
  2. Import the PDF file you want to create a security code for with Adobe Acrobat Pro. By clicking on File, Open and select the file.
  3. Click on View icon located at the top left corner.
  4. From the Drop down Menu list Click on tools.
  5. Click on Protection. Once you click protection you see a new window at the right side of your screen with different Tabs.
  6. Click on Protection and Click on Encrypt and select Encrypt with Password.
  7. The Pop up box is a Confirmation box to verify your Security Setting click yes.
  8. Check the box where you see Require a password to open the Document.
  9. Enter your desire password you want to use and press the enter key and reconfirm your password again.
  10. Now save the Document file.

Now that your document has been secured. You can only access this file by using entring the numbers or letters to open the document.

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