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cryptobitx – Bitcoin peer-to-peer donation community

cryptobitx – Bitcoin peer-to-peer donation community

Cryptobitx is a global peer-to-peer donation network in a way for you to help others like yourself, and in exchange they will help you. It’s a community of people looking for financial backing in the projectscryptobitx - Bitcoin peer-to-peer donation community

that will fulfill them and bring more joy to the world. If you want to earn in life to achieve experience and the success of turning your dreams into reality, then pay attention. Cryptobitx system works for everyone. It’s a Cryptobitx.

Uniqueness of Cryptobitx bitcoin Investment

  • No Scam possibilities
  • Pay Member to member Directly
  • Very Low Admin Fees
  • Leader of your own downline
  • Bitcoin Payment Processing
  • Powerful Running Server
  • Secure Payment Processing

Features of Cryptobitx Bitcoin investment

  • Only 0.001 to get in (lowest entry of all time).
  • No Monthly / Yearly Subscription (Lifetime Subscription)
  • Earner Passive Script – More Secured platform
  • Running by none other than “Nonie Nelliyz”
  • 1024 BTC from 2X7 level plan.

How to become an active member of our community

Start by signing up and getting your acccount set up. You’ll need a bitcoin wallet in order to participate. You can get a free wallet account at https://blockchain.info. Once you have your wallet input it into the form on the “Bitcoin Wallet” page.

The next thing to do is, you need to upgrade your account by providing a small donation to the person who referred you, or someone else they referred. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the upgrade button
  2. Get the wallet address and the amount for the donation.
  3. Go to your wallet website and send the amount of bitcoin to the wallet address from step 2.
  4. Get the transaction hash id from the site you sent the bitcoins.
  5. Copy and paste the transaction hash id into the payment verification form on the upgrade page from step 2.
  6. Enter the amount paid, and click submit.

That’s it! You just made your first donation!

Your bitcoin donations are verified and confirmed automatically within minutes.

Now you can get referrals of your own and start receiving funds from them just like you just funded your upline. If we all work together we’ll all succeed to the highest levels.

Find your link on the “My Link” page. Share the banners with your referral link wherever you advertise. Tell your friends! This is an incredible opportunity. But in case you want to join an Active Team link JOIN the Program THrouh this LINK

The donation sharing network

When you join, you will get a sponsor. It may be the person who referred you, or it will be someone in their downline – someone else they referred or someone one of their referrals referred.

So, you’ll make your first donation to your sponsor. That allows you to get referrals and receive donations.

The first 2 people who you sponsor will donate the 1st Grade amount to you.

The 2 people they each sponsor (4 total) will each donate the 2nd Grade amount to you.

The next level down – level 3 – (8 total) will each donate the 3rd Grade amount to you.

Getting the hang of it? This goes on for 7 levels growing each time in total by a factor of 2.

Now, the people you sponsor on your 1st level will donate the 2nd Grade amount to your sponsor.

Then they will donate the 3rd Grade amount to your sponsor’s sponsor (3 levels up).

And on up the line it goes to 7 levels.


Donation Rules:

  1. You must maintain an active membership to receive donations.
  2. You must have made the grade donation within the specified period in order to receive that grade donation from others.
  3. If you do not have the required grade active then donations at that grade which are due to you will pass up to your sponsor or someone else in your upline who is eligible.



will be able to have a maximum of 2 active referrals on your 1st level. Those are called your front line, or direct referrals. You may refer many more people who sign up with your referral link. If you have no active referrals on your front line, then no members you refer will spillover because no one in your downline is eligible yet. So, you may see that you have many more than 2 referrals on your front line if none are active.

Once the members in your front line make their first donations then they can have referrals placed under them. And once you have 2 active members on your front line the next ones who make a donation will spillover before doing so. They will be assigned to someone in your downline as their sponsor. The reset of your referrals will spillover when they register for an account.

Join now because you have nothing to loose. People all over the world are members of this program b’cos its affordable just 1$ = 0.001BTC



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