Data Recovery Apps ( iMyfone) For iPhones

Data Recovery Apps (iMyfone) – A Data Recovery App for iPhone

Data Recovery iMyfone -Your data is important, you can lose data in so many ways and some ways in which you don’t understand which will make you feel bad. Regular backup is the only way you can protect your file which should be run periodically.

iMyfone as a data recovery apps is an application created to get back lost files. This is one of the best way to protect any file. However, on IOS, there are various options which enables users to back up their files to icloud and limitedly through iTunes. There are other cloud storage services like One Drive, Google Drive, Google Photos or Dropbox.

iMyFone D-Back Data Recovery for iOS

Recover your lost data on IOS with iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery. This software offers various ways in which users can access lost data. This software runs on IOS only, whether you are an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch user, as long as your device runs IOS you are eligible to use this software.

iMyFone is different among its collegue with its diverse options like safety, secuity, easy to use, guides and tips to fixing IOS issues, free trial and promises a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and lots more


iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery Methods

Download iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery for free on the app store or download via their website .

Go through iMyFone selected modes for recovering deleted or lost data and retrieve your lost or deleted data in an easy way. It is tested, trusted, swift and reliable.

Smart Recovery

This phase shows a number of option where you are to specify how your data got lost or missing. This questions will be asked like, How did you lose your data? Was it deleted without notification or was it system crash, jailbreak, virus attack, factory reset, lost or stolen device or some other means?

You will have to choose from the listed options, when this is done, iMyFone program will decide the recovery method that suits the option you choose. This smart recovery menu let iMyFone D-Back to know if to retrieve the lost data directly from the device, iTune backup or iCloud backup.

Recover From IOS Device

This method enables the program to scan the device and search for the deleted files. It can also recover data directly from iDevices, if this method does not work, iMyFone D-Back proceeds to use other method of recovery.

Recover From iTune Backup

Here, it matters on how often your data are backed up to iTunes. In this phase, iMyFone requires user’s iTune backup to retrieve lost data to PC or Mac.

Recover From iCloud Backup

This method works only when iCloud backup is enabled. For users to access his/her data stored in the iCloud, iMyFone D-Back program requests for user’s Apple ID and password. It will download data from iCloud backup without restoring

Types of Files That Can be Recovered on iMyFone

Below-listed data are datas which iMyFone D-Back program allows IOS users to recover when lost or deleted. You can preview to surely verify the type of data you will like to recover. It also ensures that existing data are not overwritten. Sincerely, this is the most effective and fastest way to retrieve lost files on your IOS device(s)

  • Messages, contacts and call logs
  • Photos and videos
  • IM messages from Whatsapp, Kik, Line, Skype, Wechat etc
  • Calendar and Remiders
  • Safari history and Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Voice Memos

iMyFone D-Back | Fix iOS issues

You can fix IOS issues at your convenient time, at your home, office, anywhere with iMyFone D-Back without visiting an Apple Store or hiring an IOS repair expert.

iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery | Pricing

This software program is available for Windows and MacOS. You can also download it on its official website or on other trusted malware-free portals. Every user is eligible to a free trial session. This, however has limited features. For a full packaged iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery, you will need to purchase its licensed plan which costs only $49.95.

Data recovery is made simple with iMyFone D-Back. There are other services menu iMyFone renders, these can be explored on its web portal.

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