Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message Fixed

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Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message Fixed – Read How To Fix Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message You Got At Webmaster Dashboard

Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message fixed? What does the Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message that is showing at your webmaster dashboard or email box mean?

Before we go into what Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message is and how to fix it, we need to understand what does the breadcrumb issue means first. Keep reading to fix the BREADCRUMB ISSUE you encountered at your webmaster search console page.

What does this breadcrumb issue mean?

So yesterday, two or three bloggers and website admins got 1-2 messages from Google: one with respect to Adsense (whenever enacted), and the other one admonition us about this Breadcrumb issue called data schema deprecated. Us at PGupdateNG got this same error message as well. See the error message below:Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated

You may be wondering what does the above message means and will I care? You need to care about the above message. As a matter of urgency, you need to fix it as soon as possible otherwise, your website will be left out of the search engine.

What Does This Error Mean?

Fundamentally, all destination websites have a specific path on how their contents are organized and structured (this process is known as schema).

Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message Fixed
Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message Fixed

On the off chance that our sites follow the suggested schema of search web crawlers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (known as being search engine web index optimized, it not just improves our websites’ positioning in their hunt pages yet additionally be picked in the Question & Answer part for brisk reference. See sample image below;

Or our website has its own SNIPPET as seen in the image below

At present Google currently expects us to follow the ones in In the event that anything in your blog or site contains the’s method for organizing our content, you’ll get this warning email as well.

For those dealing with numerous websites, on the off chance that you didn’t get such email for your different websites and on the off chance that you twofold check Google Search Console there are no Breadcrumbs under ‘Enhancements’ (just beneath Mobile Usability) or there is however no notice, at that point they’re fine.

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We have close to 2 months now until April 6, 2020, to cause the essential changes to progress to or the consequences will be severe, any rich result includes on our websites snippet as of now appreciate will be no more.

I don’t know whether there’s a danger of not showing up at all in the search pages (which may likely bring about a manual activity). Notwithstanding, since losing eligibility for rich result feature impacts our SEO, we have to fix this blunder when we can.

How To Fix Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated Warning Error Message

The absolute first thing you have to do before rolling out any improvements is to reinforce your website [meaning BACK UP], so do that now.

You all know that we are using WordPress website, so this tutorial will only be useful to our readers who are using WordPress websites only. We apologize if you are left out but we could only find our way around our website WordPress. So the tutorial is for WP users.

STEP ONE. To avoid the website be deleted or develop issues, the solution is within and the only way to avoid website deleted. Go to your PLUGIN, Search for CHILD THEME This child them will only help you to do copy and paste of codes google asked us to CHANGE TO. Us the one in the image below here because its simple to use.child theme

What this plugin does it that, it will automatically duplicate your current theme and name it duplicate CHILD-Newspaper if you are using the Newspaper theme. etc

STEP TWO. After you have  seen the plugin, click on install

STEP THREE. Then activate it.

STEP FOUR. Scroll to SETTINGS at your WordPress dashboard. There will be a drop-down, you will see the CHILD Theme generator plugin.

STEP FIVE. Click on it and it will automatically display the current THEME you are using.

STEP SIX. Click GENERATE. AUtomatically, the CHILD THEME will be generated within seconds.

STEP SEVEN. You have to visit your theme page. To visit the theme page, Click on APPEARANCE >> THEME.

STEP EIGHT. Activate your current theme generated child theme. Since you have activated the child theme. Follow next.

STEP NINE. Go APPEARANCE >> THEME EDitor. When you are here, choose THEME FUNCTION [ Function.php] and paste this Breadcrumb Code

 <ol =””>
<li =”itemListElement”
<a =”item” href=””>
<span =”name”>Dresses</span></a>
<meta =”position” content=”1″ />
› <li =”itemListElement”
<a =”item” href=””>
<span =”name”>Real Dresses</span></a>
<meta =”position” content=”2″ />

STEP TEN. Finally, you are done. Just click on the Update File button.

How To Validate Fix for Breadcrumb Issue

Since you had followed the above process and how would you know whether what you have done is correct or fix or not? To validate fix for Breadcrumb issue, login Google Search console again, then go to Breadcrumbs under Enhancements.

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Click on the Validate Fix button. then you will receive an email confirming that Google is in the process of checking your Breadcrumb blog issue. This process will take a few days though for GOOGLE to tag it as Passed. So just wait and hope all the Breadcrumb warnings will be gone soon, or check it out by yourself by doing the steps in the next section.

Check if Breadcrumb Issue is Fixed Or Not

If you want to see if your blog is free from the Breadcrumb issue, check all these 3 steps one by one here in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool:

If you see the following 3 listed details, you are FREE.

  1. Your blog’s home page
  2. Another sample page like About page, and
  3. A sample blog post

Otherwise, in case you still have a Breadcrumb issue, it’s will look like this:Breadcrumb issue

If you click that Warning sign, it will tell you that it has the schema deprecated issue. But if your site doesn’t have that warning anymore, it will look like

alternatively, you can also use the Rich Result test to test your URLs with that breadcrumb error or test your website homepage directly.

If the error is fixed, you will get **

**Tested on Jan 24, 2020, at 2:13 AM
Page is eligible for rich results
All structured data on the page can generate rich results.**
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  1. Hi,
    Really needed this guide. Thank you.
    But where do you paste the code?
    I know it is a Data Vocabulary problem, but I can’t find the code ‘v=’ etc in ‘theme editor’ and function.php to paste the new code over?

    Never done coding but this would be a big help for me?

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