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Dazan Charity|YabaTech FMC lied about

“YabaTech FMC lied about Dazan Charity” – grieving friend writes.

Dazan Charity. YabaTech claims she was rushed to FMC by 4:00 am. On Wednesday and that she died on the way. FMC said Dazan Charity died 10 minutes after being admitted. Those are their claims. Here’s the story from the pen of someone who saw it all happen.

Dazan Mautin Charity, 27 woke up on Tuesday and was complaining of cold. She requested for my jacket which I gave her to wear and we went to class because we had a paper to write that Tuesday. On getting to the exam hall, the lecturer in-charge saw her and said we couldn’t do the exam unless Dazan was okay.


I asked Dazan if she could write the exam and she said yes. But the lecturer said it means she needed to eat something so I rushed down to get her malt and egg roll. I also got her paracetamol because we thought it was a normal sickness.

After the exam, she was waiting for me to take her to the room but I had to release her because I was busy with my paper and so she left.

I got back to the room around 3:00 p.m. but there was nobody in the room. Around 5 or 6 p.m. two of our roommates entered and were like “do you know they’ve taken Dazan to the medical centre?” I initially thought she had gone to church.


We dressed up…the three of us…and went to medical centre. When we got there, the first nurse we saw told us Dazan needed to eat something that she hadn’t eaten anything since morning. So me and one of our roommates left to get her something to eat. On our way, we bought rice at a restaurant and took it to her.

When I got there, I saw her sister with food and some drugs. She told me that Dazan had eaten, that she won’t be able to eat the rice I bought for her. But when Dazan saw the stew, she tasted it and we finished the remaining for her.

Her sister told me that the doctor prescribed some drugs for her and that she and one of her church members had been looking for the drugs up and down the street. They had to buy the ones they saw.

The nurses in charge then said she was going release Dazan after the drip she was taking. Then she’d be free to go back to her room because there was no bed space for her to sleep in.

Then my question went:… “How can a patient be given drugs, injection, drip without knowing the nature of her sickness?” Hmmm…what a medical centre.


On hearing that she would be discharged, Dazan had to increase the drip rate (make it go faster) without the consent of the nurses. But I learnt that the doctor that attended to her in the afternoon said she must not be discharged.

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