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Debit Card | AliExpress Debit Card – Is it Safe to Use?

Debit Card | AliExpress Debit Card - Is it Safe to Use?
Debit Card | AliExpress Debit Card - Is it Safe to Use?

Debit Card | AliExpress Debit Card – Is it Safe to Use your Credit Card on AliExpress?

Debit Card on AliExpress: Most people ask a question like this about “is it safe to use a debit card on AliExpress”, this is the most asked question which is generally updated on most shopping sites.

What I will just say here right now is just “YES”, you can use your debit and credit card on Aliexpress.

At the year Aliexpress was established in the year 2010 which they have made up to millions of sales also has perfectly improved when it arrives at customer taste also buyer safety.

What is the Protection of the buyer of Aliexpress?

With Aliexpress you have all your security very standard with buyer protection system which allows you o accept a repay on each item that has not to start or are similar to present when you get them.

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They have a standard set date for appearing your items that allow this process easier whenever you allow a claim for repayment.

Now Step on How you Pay with your Credit Card or Debit Card on Aliexpress

If you need to make payment with your debit card on Aliexpress pursue the image steps, this image will become bigger when you need to click.

Anytime you come across an item that you need to make time to view which you have selected the exact color, quantity, size, or any choice which you need to select before tapping the buy button.

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Tap on the buy button

Now the next step will appear 3 things. This is shipping information, Oder confirmation also payment method.

Now you need to add up your shipping address is if you have not added this to it before you and make sure you check the product which you need to purchase is the right amount which you are purchasing online. Try to drop any message for the seller if you care.

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You can start with “Hi there, I will love to leave a message here since courtesy would let me order as the first customer”.

Now check your Address also you Order Details

Put in your shipping address

Now as shown in the diagram you can detect that this is Aliexpress’s exact shipping, most times I make use of the exact shipping so as not to cause any inconvenience.

Now that you have made the payment, it might take up to 7 days for you to track the goods which you order on their site.

To track your goods on Aliexpress follow the steps below:

How to track an order from Aliexpress

  • Go to AliExpress
  • Check your orders section, choose the order you need and tap the information link.
  • The goods of the order which you order shown on the opened page.

You can also click on this link r copy and paste out this link on your browser link here

Sometimes you might get frustrated about the delivery days, just all you need to do is just to follow up with your product and I think it is the better way to ease your patience.

You can decide on dropping a message if you really which to.

Now you can add your payment method maybe might be in your debit card. You can also see all types of payment methods in making a payment on Aliexpress.

At the time which my card is now added, I try to see if I need to save the details on Aliexpress that my card is selected already. Maybe you decide to put in your card information any time you need to order just try to uncheck the box.

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Put in your debit card information in the box provided

Immediately you are done with this, you just need to tap on confirm icon/image. Maybe you have been given a coupon/promo code; you can put this in the box provided.

You can try to Google search on any coupon/promo code if you cannot get any you friends or anyone from anywhere, anyplace, will have. You can try to get a coupon on this link by clicking or copy and paste out this link on your browser here. 

Now you are on the site, just tap on the sales item where some page will roll down, tap on SELLER DISCOUNT now you get your coupon, not all coupon is free.

Tap on the play button to get your order

Do you know Aliexpress has SSL

Don’t get bothered about putting your debit/credit card information in Aliexpress, or any important details for Ordering Aliexpress, all your details of your card information are already protected SSL.

It is similar to all websites nowadays but mainly on each site that allows payments and personal information.

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If you need to know more about SSL tap on this link or copy and paste out this link on your browser to know more about their value and security purpose.

With this, you can decide maybe the site has SSL maybe by checking the URL in the address bar. Check the top of your browser where you will see a padlock where you get a pop-up that comes up like an image.

Now have paid on Aliexpress what next?

Now you will need to trust your debit/card details are secured on Aliexpress then your order has been placed for a cool ladies wristwatch.

This is just as if you watching a season film, your payment process will take a while also take some days for tracking information then 20 – 40 days for delivery.

Why there is a problem with My Order

Maybe you find yourself in any issue just like your item which has not arrived in the exact time; maybe not the exact goods which you order on the list, checking the product then tap on “open dispute” icon/image.

This will be up to 33 days 18 hours 20 minutes- it is at the risk of the buyer, now if you find out that you didn’t find your order at the exact time, tap on the dispute link then maximize the buyer protection.

If you are confused about how to make use of this just try to make use of the chat button to chat with the customer services.

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What is assured of is that your debit/credit card will accept full repayment, this is if you don’t receive any items which are different from how it was described when you ordered.

What is the issue that I Can’t Create an Order Based on Security Reasons?

Normally Aliexpress may limit you from creating a purchase if it discovered any issues come up the want you to accept the card owner through requesting for your photo ID also images of the debit/credit card. Don’t get bothered all this is secured already, this will be done only once.

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It is possible for you to make use of various credit/debit cards, this also makes it more secure.



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