Windows.Old Folder on Windows 10

Delete Windows.Old Folder on Windows 10 Fast and Easy 
Windows.old folder is created to backup your data when you Upgrade or Install a fresh copy of operating system. All your files from the previous version are been sorted in this folder with the extension .old.

You can copy out your files and past them on the new Operating system. This is an alternative for backing up files so that you won’t lose them when trying to upgrade or install a fresh copy of Operating system. The ideal of creating the .old folder started from the recent version of windows Operating system. (vista) unlike the early version Windows 98 and Windows XP.

Windows.Old Folder on Windows 10

On this versions, users usually partition their hard disk in other to save their data on the other partition. So that when anything happens to their operating system. To install XP. user need to completely format the hard disk as a result of that all your data you have on the hard drive is lost. But on the recent versions it automatically saves up all your data into the .old folder. Including your Operating system files.

Lots of people have been finding it difficult to delete this folder. Because some of it files are been use by the current operating system. It requires administrative permeation to delete this files. Here is a easy way to completely delete this folder from your PC. If your System runs on windows 10.

How to cleanup Disk space windows (previous Operating system files)

  1. Click on the start menu and enter the keyword Disk Cleanup.
  2. Click on Disk Cleanup icon to lunch Disk Cleanup software.
  3. A  pop up screen shows up select the partition where .old is located. You have to select C partition because that was where your current Operating system is installed.
  4. Just after the scanning process is complete, click on cleanup system files.
  5. It will pop up the same tab for you to select the partition where .old  files are located and click ok.
  6. Disk cleanup we scan the partition again after the scanning is complete you we see a new tab.
  7. On the tab locate previous windows installation, select it, click ok and confirm deletion.

Now that you have successfully cleanup to confirm if .old folder has been deleted. click on computer and click on C partition. Check the C partition to see if .old folder is in the partition and you we notice that you have free up some space in C partition. You don’t need any third party application to delete windows.old folder.

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