Disable Window 10 Update | How To Disable Window 10 Update


Disable Window 10 Update | How To Disable Window 10 Update

Disable Window 10 Update  could be a kind of challenges. Many window 10 users might want to disable window 10 updates due to one reason or the other reason. Deactivating Window 10 auto update could be a bit off strenght but how to do this will be explained in this article.

More so, lot of people have challenges when using window 10 version on their laptop PC, this is a problem of pre- programmed updates. This get users frustrated when they discovered their data get vanished due to the updates of window 10, this update is done by installing unnecessary file on your computer which the users do not want or expect.

It annoying right, i will love to share what you need to get this disable on your laptop.

Everyone loves keeping their system updated, but this got unexpected which you don’t feel comfortable with it.

So kindly check the few steps stated to get this deactivated easily.

Maybe you have encountered the process whereby you try to shut down your system, but your system start up with updates, this guide is necessary for you so you won’t get uncomfortable. Just read carefully.

Steps To Follow To Deactivate Window 10 Updates

Ensure this method is just for temporarily, permanent updates will begin in few minutes, just follow.

  1. Disable Window 10 Update | This Is Done By Window Update Service

  2. tap on your window logo which have four rectangle joined together +R at the same instance, you will be shown a box.
  3. put in services.msc then click on enter

iii. Move down where you find your window updates then tap on it twice.

  1. This process is done, choose disable. Select apply also OK to make new settings.
  2. Disable Window 10 Update | Through Group Policy Editor

This will give you notification on new updates without installing them automatically.

  1. Tap on your window logo which have four rectangle joined together+R at the same instance also input gpedit.msc then select OK.
  2. Search for your computer configuration-administrative templates-windows components-windows update.

iii. Tap on configure automatic update twice.

iv choose disable in configured automatic updates at the left hand-side, than on apply also OK to get it deactivated on window automatic feature.

  1. Disable Window 10 Update | This Can Be Done By Meter Network Connection

It works only when you get your laptop connected to a Wi-Fi.

  1. Tap on your window logo which has four rectangle joined together, tap on settingsapp.
  2. Tap on network & internet.

iii. Tap on Wi-Fi at the left side, select name of the Wi-Fi you want to get connection from.

  2. Tap the option turn on set as metered connection.

This tips have help you get your data secured, try to practice this, please share to your friends to let them know about this steps.

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