Disabled iPhone, iPad | Solution when Your iPhone is Disabled

Disabled iPhone, iPad | What to do when your iPhone, iPad is Disable

Disabled iPhone, iPad – If your iPhone displays a message on its screen saying it is disabled, you may be scared and think it is a serious problem, below are the cause and the possible ways to fix the problem.

iPhone is disabled | Why iPhones, iPods and iPads get Disabled

Any iOS device can be disabled, but the message do come in different forms. Sometimes you will get the plain “This iPhone is Disabled” message or the one that says that and adds that you should retry in 1 minute or 5 minutes. Sometimes it says the phone is disabled and connect to iTunes.

You can also get a message that says the iPhone or iPod is disabled for 23 million minutes and try to get back later. You cannot definitely wait for 23 million minute before you can access your phone because it is nearly 44 years.

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No matter what the message tells, the problem is the same, an iPhone, iPod or iPad gets disabled if a wrong passcode is entered. If an incorrect passcode is entered 6 times or more your iPhone may be disabled.

Disabled iPhone, iPad | How to fix a Disabled iPhone, iPad or iPod

To fix a disabled iPhone, iPad or iPod is quite easy, it is the same steps you follow when you forget your passcode.

Below are what you will need to do when your iPhone, iPad and iPod are disable:
  • Try restoring the device from backup. To restore your device from back up, connect your iOS device to a computer where you sync it to. Tap on the Restore button, follow the next instructions and in few minutes, your device should be active again. By restoring, it means that you will be replacing your current data with an older backup and you will lose any data that has been added since the backup was made.

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  • If the above option does not work, or you have never synced your device with iTunes before, you will need to try using the Recovery Mode. You may also lose any data added since you backed up last.
  • One of the two above steps will definitely work, but if it doesn’t, try DFU Mode, which is more extensive version of Recovery Mode.
  • Another option involves you using iCloud and Find My iPhone to erase all your data and settings from your phone. It is either you log in to iCloud on the web or you download the Find My iPhone app in the App Store to a second iOS device. Then you will have to log in with your iCloud username and password (not the username and password of the person device you are using).

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  • Use the Find My iPhone to locate your device, and then perform a Remote Wipe of it. When you try this, it will delete all the data on your device, you should only do this if you have backed up your data. But trhis will also reset your phone for you to have access to it again. If you have been backing up your data on iCloud or iTunes, you can restore your data from it.

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