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Downgrade Facebook App on Blackberry. Blackberry users that have already mistakenly upgraded to the latest Facebook app version on their Blackberry should not worry because this is good news for them all. And also they have challenges and issues which currently make them unable to use their Facebook app on Blackberry again. As a result of the recent post news. I don’t know what Blackberry did to warrant this insult from  Mark but I’m sure they’ll someday get over it.

Downgrade facebook App to Older Version on Blackberry Smartphones.

In the light of these. I’d though it wise to provide an alternative to those who will like to go back to the older version of Facebook on their Legacy Blackberry smartphone. The truth is once you upgrade to the latest Facebook app, you won’t be able to use the Facebook app on your blackberry device again. But this alternative will bail you out of it.

How Can I downgrade my Facebook app to older Facebook app on Blackberry.

Before you proceed, kindly delete the one you upgraded to that is not opening… This downgrade is available for OS version 5, 6 and 7.
downgrade facebook App

To downgrade your facebook App. Go to this link
Scroll to your OS version and download it, after which your Facebook app will be back to normal. If you are also having problem with your BBM. You can equally download older version from the above link.
Till the D’ day, keep using Facebook, but never upgrade.

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