Download Clear Scanner | How To Download Clear Scanner


Download Clear Scanner | How To Download Clear Scanner

Download Clear Scanner   – You need to know about the new scanner which can make your phone take shot of pictures. This is valuable that you can use this new app to convert normal printer scanner to mini pocket scanner.

This is the best of all android scanners. You can get your image in high standard which will look more real. You can scan lot of document with this new app, also PDF files such as receipts, books, bills, image and lot more. Steps will be given on how you can get this downloaded.

You can get all your images clear and also convert it to any file you want such as PDF and JPEG format. With this I think you can share and scan file which you need, sometimes you can also need urgent file to be sent to some else, this app will make you can get this document don easily with your mobile device.

People who love scanning books when they don’t fill like writing, I think you can use the app to get a clear picture of the text book, this app is recommended for office, students, business and lot more.

You can use this to get your clear document on your phone. This app can help you get good and standard quality of file, even if the file is not clear, you can also crop part of the document which you want to scan.  I love this file it applicable in all sort of valuable stuff you will like to do with it.

Let me burst your bubbles! This file can help you correct features which can help you brighten up the document you scanning; they also remove shadows and arrange the file in good quality giving you perfect result.

Download Clear Scanner  – Steps To Download Clear Scanner

You can get your entire document clear and clearer with this app.

  1. Go to your goggle Playstore to get it downloaded.
  2. Input the name on the search box above the goggle Playstore page by typing clear scanner.
  3. OR Click HERE to Download
  4. Now you find the icon, click on it and tap install.
  5. Now this is done in your phone, now you can enjoy the value of all what have been writing about.

Download Clear Scanner  – Characteristics Of Clear Scanner

  1. It help in correcting document automatically
  2. It fast when making use of this file.
  3. It has standard quality with lot of option such as: photo, document, also black and white.
  4. It is very flexible when editing, you can save edited file with this app.
  5. It helps in managing your folder so as give you perfect document.
  6. You can name the document and also store your file on the app.
  7. You can add and also delete file you don’t which to have or you need.
  8. You can re-arrange the added or deleted document
  9. You can also set your page size to PDF format such as letter, legal, A4 and lot more.
  10. You can send the file through email of each page.
  11. You can print PDF file through cloud print.
  12. You can open PDF or JPEG from various app such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SkyDrive, GoggleDrive, Evernote and lot more if you want to send to clouds.
  13. You can also detach texts from image OCR, also sent images to text, you can edit & share.
  14. You can also backup and regain, all you need to do is to create backup file and regain your file manually in other means if you misplace of change your mobile device.
  15. You can reduce the size.


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