DropBox App, DropBox Login – DropBox Download

DropBox App, DropBox Login – DropBox Download

Dropbox App is very simple and a good cloud storage and file syncing service. It is very simple, and reliable. It has a file syncing and storage service in it dropbox paper feature. The only thing that bothers people about this app is the fact that it is not cheap. Dropbox usually gives you access to all your mobile device files from anywhere you are. Dropbox is available for both your PC and mobile devices. Dropbox is very versatile and many apps integrate with it easily. Dropbox can be used for personal use and it works effortlessly and very simple interface. Dropbox can work as teamwork as it enhances capabilities in the dropbox features.

If you are always having issue with online storage, dropbox is a better option for you. you can easily switch to dropbox for your online storage. Some of its competitors are the Google drive and Microsoft onedrive. Read more; Google Drive |Backup Files

Every app on dropbox are very easy to download and there are lot of app on it. you might not get to enjoy all this app if you don’t have enough space on your mobile device. That why you have to pay to get enough storage for your mobile device.

For a start, you are entitled to 2GB free personal account. If you want to earn more space, you can refer referrals and this automatically gives you additional 500MB on every friend you invite until you get to 16GB.

There is a plan called the Dropbox Pro personal paid plan, which gives you up to 1TB more space for just $9.99 per month. It also gives you $99 per year. One of the importance of having this Dropbox Personal Paid plan is that it is possible for someone from another Dropbox to assist you if something goes wrong with your account. This process is called the priority support. While using this plan, you will have access to neat file-sharing functionality. Some of the things it does is it control when links to shared files expire. Read Details; Google Use Drones for Medical Assistance

For you register from the start, you can easily get more Box and it let you have access to 10GB to start. This app support Linux, Mac, iPad, Android, and so on. It works invisibly when installed on your computer.

How To Download and Install DropBox App

For those of us that our mobile devices are compatible with GOOGLE PLAYSTORE

  • Firstly, open google playstore
  • In the search section, type the name of the app “dropbox” app
  • Click on the download section
  • After downloading, google automatically installs the app for us
  • Lunch the programme and get started

For those of us with no GOOGLE PLAYSTORE on our mobile device,

Go to

Google will direct you on how to download the app. After downloading the app, launch the app and get started.

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